If you have a room that feels dark like a cave, there are ways to lighten and brighten the room and make it feel more inviting. 

Luckily these ideas won't require a complete home remodel.


Tips & Tricks for How to Lighten and Brighten a Dark Roomphoto courtesy of Dgrosso23 http://www.flickr.com/photos/damongrosso/6854531099/Lighting
Add light fixtures to your dark room to make it brighter. 

You can add table lamps, floor lamps, battery powered lamps, uplighting, wall sconces, or overhead lighting

If you currently have an overhead light, consider changing it out for one with more light bulbs. 

Also, if your overhead light is covered by a frosted glass dome, consider removing the dome or selecting a light fixture without anything covering the lights. 

You can also check your light bulbs and change them out for ones that produce more light or a daylight colored bulb instead of a warm or frosted bulb.


Mirrors bounce light around a room and can add light to a dark room. 

Strategically place mirrors opposite or at a 45 degree angle to a light source. 

Putting mirrors on a window wall will be less effective.


If you have windows in your dark room, try to maximize the light coming from them. 

Avoid using opaque window coverings over those windows.  Consider removing all window screens that may block light. 

Wash your windows often to make sure dirt does not inhibit light from entering the room. 

Consider replacing your current window with a larger window or adding windows to the dark room.

You can even add a window to a windowless room that goes to another interior room that has natural light.  If you don't want to be able to see into the other room, use a transom window (a rectangular horizontal window towards the ceiling, often over a door).


Skylight or Solar Tubes
If you can't add a window to your room, consider adding a skylight or solar tubes

Solar tubes can travel through walls and rooms (such as an attic) to allow light to enter your dark room.


Use light colors in your dark room to make it feel lighter and brighter. 

Use light colored flooring, light colored walls, and a light colored ceiling. 

Use metallic accents to reflect light throughout the room. 

A few bright colored accessories will make the room feel more light and fun.


Ceiling Height
Often a room feels dark because the ceiling height is low, creating a claustrophobic feel. 

You can raise the ceiling height in the room to make the room feel more spacious and feel lighter and brighter.

The higher ceiling will allow you to add more light fixtures at a higher elevation which will make the light feel more natural and have less of a glare.





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