Everyone likes to look good and feel cozy, which can both be accomplished by creating flattering mood lighting. 

Bright light highlights flaws and imperfections, which does not help us look good. 

Brighter light tends to promote activity while lower light promotes restfulness and intimacy.

Here are a few tips for creating flattering mood lighting in your home.

fmlphoto courtesy of falashad flickr.com/photos/f_jean/3200276479/

No Direct Overhead Lighting
Most rooms come with one light in the middle of the ceiling. 

That one light overhead can create shadows on your face, making you look less glamorous. 

It can also create glare that is undesirable. 

If using an overhead light fixture, try to use a light fixture without exposed light bulbs so the light is diffused. 

If that is not possible, at least use a frosted light bulb instead of a clear light bulb to diffuse the light a tiny bit. 

Some people even remove the light kit attached to a ceiling fan since they never use it.

More than One Light Source
Instead of using just one light source, use many light sources from many different places in your room. 

You can also use up lighting or down lighting for indirect light.   



Light Bulb Color
When selecting a light bulb for your home, pay attention to the color of the light bulb written on the package. 

Light bulbs come in colors such as daylight, soft white, warm white, cool white, or clear which can affect the color of your room as well as the brightness of the room. 

Experiment with the colors to find the best one to create the most flattering mood in your home. 

If you have a room with a sickly or elderly person, consider using a pink light bulb to make their skin look less pale and more youthful when they look in the mirror.

Lamp Shades
Lamp shades can be decorative, but they also soften light to reduce hard shadows. 

If you use an opaque lamp shade, the light will be directed only up and down, creating indirect light.

If your light bulb will allow it, put dimmers on all light switches to allow you to modify the light level to suit your mood.

Low Wattage Light Bulbs
If you can't use dimmers on your light bulbs, select the lowest watt available, such as 15 watts, to create low level flattering mood lighting.


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