Many people have ceramic or porcelain tile in their homes that is in good repair however may not reflect their current style. 

Instead of replacing the tile, you may wish to paint it to give it a new look. 

Please be aware that painting tile in high traffic areas, kitchen countertops, or areas that regularly get wet is not recommended. 

Tips and Tricks for How to Paint Ceramic Tilephoto courtesy of kat sommers
Preparation is extremely important when painting ceramic or porcelain tile. 

Make sure your tile and grout is in good condition prior to starting this project. 

Repair any cracks.  Make all necessary repairs and/or stain removal first. 

Sand the tile to make the surface textured and allow the paint to attach to the tile. 

Using sand paper, lightly scuff up the glossy top coat of the tile. 

Make sure to sand the entire tile surface. 

You can use an orbital sander if desired. 

Vacuum up any dust created while sanding.


Clean the tiles with special tile cleaner or use TSP. 

The tiles must be totally clean for the paint to stick.

Apply a thin coat of a high quality primer to your ceramic or porcelain tiles using a brush or paint roller. 

If you use oil based primer, you must use oil based paint. 

Make sure to use even strokes.


Sand Again
Lightly sand the primer to create a very smooth tile surface. 

Wipe the sanding dust from the tiles so it does not get stuck in the paint.


Paint your ceramic or porcelain tile with specialty tile paint

If you cannot find specialty tile paint, then you can use a gloss or semi gloss paint using 2 thin coats. 

Make sure to let the paint dry between coats according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

You may wish to paint the tile's grout lines a contrasting color using an artist's brush.


After the paint has thoroughly cured according to the manufacturer's instructions (may be several days), apply a water based urethane or other paint protectant to your porcelain or ceramic tile to protect it. 




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