Moss adds instant age to new things by giving them a time worn patina.

Growing moss is very popular in a garden on waterfalls, fairy gardens, between brick paverss, in water features, on statues, on terracotta pots, on decorative brick walls, on bolders, and almost anywhere that is moist and shady.

If you want to give something in your garden more character, consider growing moss.

Here are some tips and tricks for how to grow moss.

How to Make Moss Grow in Your Gardenphoto courtesy of Paul Wicks Amount of Moss
Get a small amount of moss that you would like to grow that is appropriate for your climate.
You can purchase the moss (at a local retailer or online) or ask to have a piece of moss from someone's garden who already has moss growing.
You will need 1/4 to 1 cup of moss for a small area.  You can make several batches of moss for larger areas.
If there is dirt on the moss, remove it before proceeding.

Moss Milkshake
Create a "moss milkshake" in order to propogate the moss. Put the moss in your blender with about a teaspoon of sugar, corn syrup, and/or honey.  
Add a tiny bit of buttermilk, yogurt, or beer.
Blend the moss until it has the consistency of a very thick milkshake.

You can add more buttermilk, yogurt, or beer to get it the correct consistency.

Apply Milkshake
Spread the moss milkshake using a paintbrush, spatula, or your hands wherever you want the moss to grow.
Make sure it stays in an area of your garden that is shaded and moist.

Keep Moist
You may need to mist the area with a spray bottle daily if it dries out.

Your moss should start growing in a few weeks.


Eventhough moss is beautiful, moss can harm certain building materials and plants, so do research on your item before applying moss to it. 


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