Why settle for a plain generic garage door that all your neighbors have when you can add decorative hardware and make your plain garage door look like a carriage style garage door? 

Here are some tips and pointers for getting a carriage style garage door look.

Tips and Tricks for How to Make a Plain Garage Door Look Like a Carriage Style Garage DoorPurchase Hardware
Many stores and online retailers sell carriage style garage door decorative hardware

Shop online and find the style that you like for your garage door. 

You can choose hardware that has a spear tip, a round tip, arrow tip, aspen tip, fleur de lis tip, or other decorative tip styles. 

The hardware also comes in many different types of materials and in many different price points. 

Some decorative hardware is plastic, but that is not recommended since it often looks cheap. 

Opt for metal hardware instead.  Prices typically range from $7 to $80.

Install Hardware
Before installing your decorative hardware, take a quick "before" photo of your garage door so you can remember how plain it looked. 

Now it is time to install your hardware.  Most carriage style garage door hardware only requires a drill and a screw driver to install.

Follow the manufacturer's directions when installing the hardware.  Don't forget to measure twice and drill once. 

You may want to enlist a helper when installing the screws so one person can be on the outside of the door holding the handle and the other on the inside of the door tightening the screws. 

Installation should take about 30 minutes to one hour to complete. 

Some carriage garage door decorative hardware is actually magnetic and requires you only stick the magnetic hardware to your metal garage door and you are done.

 Crown Bolt Garage 10011 Traditional Carriage Door Handle/Hinge Decorative Accent Set

Other Ideas
1)  If you have a paneled garage door, consider painting your top row of panels black to mimic the look of a window.  You can even use painter's tape to mask off a T pattern to make your faux windows look like they have mullions.

2)  Consider painting a vertical black stripe down the center of a double garage door to make it look like 2 doors instead of 1 massive door.

3)  You can also paint your garage door a brown color to give it a richness like wood has.  Don't paint it too dark else your carriage hardware will not be visible.

4)  If you have a plain flat garage door, consider adding decorative trim pieces for architectural interest.



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