Whether you need to maximize the limited space your small home has or you would like some hidden storage for your valuables, here are a few clever hidden storage ideas for your home.

Clever Hidden Storage Spaces for Your Homephoto courtesy of Bill Bradford flickr.com/photos/mrbill/2165028620/Toe Kick
A toe kick is the bottom base of your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any other cabinets that is typically 4" tall. 

It is enclosed wasted space that could be used for hidden storage in your home. 

While 4" is not a tall space, it is very wide. 

The space can be made into a drawer that pulls out for storage of a step stool, placemats, decorative trays, cookie sheets, jewelry, personal documents, your dog's food bowl, a step for little ones to reach the sink, or whatever you like.

Under Stairs
The space under your stairs has so many opportunities for hidden storage. 

Many under stair closets only use the space that is at least 3' tall. 

You may have extra hidden space beyond the wall in your under stair closet that is wasted. 

Consider opening that wall and creating a false panel where the wall used to be to hide your valuables or everyday items without a home.

See the article Creative Under Stair Space Options for more information.

Under Stair Treads
Consider making your stair treads (the horizontal part you walk on) into a cabinet lid that hinges up to reveal storage underneath. 

Another option is to make the stair risers (the vertical portion) into a drawer that slides open. 

You could use that area to store many everyday items, such as shoes.

Between the Wall Studs
Your home is most likely framed with 2x4 wood studs. 

These studs provide approximately a 4" empty cavity inside your walls (unless it is filled with insulation). 

Consider opening up one of the walls to create shelves, a medicine cabinet, or other hidden storage covered by artwork, a fake electrical outlet, or a fake return air vent in that wasted space.

This space is especially helpful in a shower because people like to put recessed shampoo cubbies between the wall studs for extra storage.

Between the Floor Joists
Floor joists are the horizontal wood beams that frame your floor. 

Similar to wall studs, you can create a hidden door to access the wasted space between your floor joists for added storage.


Platform Bed
You can get a platform bed to create hidden storage under your bed. 

The platform can have drawers underneath for clothes or shoes or the bed portion can lift up revealing storage underneath.

Built in Bench
Instead of using all chairs around your breakfast room table, consider using a built in bench instead of 2 or 3 chairs. 

The bench will not only allow storage underneath but it will also take up less space than chairs.

Tub Apron
The finished front vertical surfaces below the top of your bathtub is called the tub apron. 

Consider creating a tilt out cabinet door (like one found in the fake drawer fronts under the kitchen sink) to store your bathroom cleaning supplies, towels, or extra shampoo in that wasted hidden space.


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