When decorating for Christmas, why does everything have to be only red and green? 

Why not add some fun color and sparkle to your Christmas decorations this year?

Here are the step by step directions for how to make a glittered fruit Christmas wreath.

Christmas wreath ideas, step by step how tophoto courtesy of Pixabay pixabay.com/en/christmas-festive-decoration-2440245/

The first step to making any wreath is to create a strong foundation in the shape you desire.

The easiest way to create a foundation is to purchase a straw, wood, wire, grapevine, or foam wreath form

You can also attempt to make one out of a pool noodle or wrapping paper tube and some heavy duty tape to tape the ends together.


Before you add anything to your wreath foundation, make sure to consider how you are going to hang your wreath.

The simplest way to hang a wreath is to add a ribbon looped around the center.


Glittered Fruit
The next step in creating a Christmas wreath is to cover your foundation with the glittered fruit using hot glue or another strong adhesive.

You can purchase fruit that is already glittered, or you can glitter plastic or paper mache fruit in the glitter color(s) of your choice.

Decide whether you want your fruit to be spread evenly over the wreath or to be asymmetrical.


Background Greenery
After the glittered fruit is attached to the wreath exactly where you want it, you need to completely cover your foundation with background greenery.

You can cover your foundation with real evergreen leaves or faux leaves.

There are pros and cons to using real evergreen leaves.  If you use real greenery, you will have to remake your wreath next year when the leaves dry out.  On a positive note, you might be able to use cuttings from evergreen plants in your garden, which saves you money and looks more realistic.

Make sure to look at your wreath from every angle to ensure the entire foundation is covered.

You might want to not put anything on the back side to help the wreath lay flat against the wall or door.


Greenery Accents
Add greenery accents that compliment the glittered fruit on top of your background greenery.

You can add festive berries, different textures of greenery, pinecones, or whatever you think would look nice.


Other Accents
Feel free to personalize your Christmas wreath with other accents.

You can add feathers, ribbon, a bow, flowers, Christmas ornaments, or whatever else compliments your decor.


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