Many people spend lots of time and money decorating their Christmas tree, however they don't put any thought into the gifts below the tree. 

Your wrapped Christmas gifts under your tree are a part of your Christmas decorations, so they should be just as nice. 

Don't reuse gift bags that do not color coordinate with your color scheme (or at least hide them at the very back of your Christmas tree). 

Don't try to please children with the gift wrap because they typically only care about what is inside the box. 

Gifts can be on display under your Christmas tree for up to a month before Christmas, so they should look their best. 

Here are a designer tips and tricks to color coordinate your Christmas gift wrap with your Christmas tree.

 Designer Tips and Tricks for How to Color Coordinate Your Gift Wrap with Your Christmas Tree

Your Christmas gift wrap should be in a similar style to the style of your Christmas tree. 

If you have a rustic Christmas tree, consider using plain kraft paper and jute twine. 

If you have a glamorous Christmas tree with lots of bling, consider using metallic or flocked wrapping paper with luxurious fabric bows. 

If you have a glamorous rustic Christmas tree, you can use glamorous paper with rustic ribbon and rustic paper with glamorous ribbon.


The color scheme of your Christmas tree should also be reflected in the color of your gift wrap. 

If your Christmas tree has several colors, then use several wrapping papers with those colors or one wrapping paper that incorporates most of the colors.


If using several different wrapping papers and gift bags to wrap Christmas gifts, you need to ensure that the gift wrap patterns coordinate. 

Do not use several very busy different patterned papers that might clash. 

One printed wrapping paper with several coordinating solid wrapping papers typically works well. 

You can even use a printed wrapping paper with a solid ribbon on one gift and a ribbon in the same pattern as the printed paper with a solid wrapping paper on another gift.


To create a collection of cohesively decorated Christmas gifts, consider using 3 different wrapping papers and 3 different ribbons. 

You can mix and match the wrapping paper and ribbons to create different combinations. 

You can also attach the ribbons to the gifts in different ways to create even more variations.


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