Did you know that you can don't have to buy expensive chalkboard paint, but you can make your own chalkboard paint for much cheaper? 

Best of all, you can make your chalkboard paint whatever color you choose. 

Using custom chalkboard paint, you can make a standard chalkboard, paint a portion of a jar or pitcher to label its contents, keep a grocery list, make a slate for your kids to play tic tac toe, have a rewritable calendar, put on drinking glasses to write names, paint a table to write notes or keep the kids busy, write an inspirational message of the day.....the uses are endless.



Water based acrylic paint or water based flat latex paint
Unsanded grout
Small paint roller or paint brush
Sandpaper (approximately 150 grit)


Tips and Tricks for How to Make Chalkboard Paintphoto courtesy of AMA90 sxc.hu/photo/805773Directions:

Mix 1 cup of paint to 2 tablespoons of unsanded grout. 

Scale up or down as needed, depending on the size of the item you are painting. 

Make sure to mix until all lumps are removed.


Using a paint roller or paint brush, apply the paint mixture to the surface of your choice. 

Apply the paint in several thin coats, letting each coat dry before applying the next coat. 


Once the paint is completely dry, sand it lightly for a smooth finish.


Prime the chalkboard using chalk.  Turn the chalk on the side and write on the entire chalkboard. 

Once completely covered, wipe the chalkboard with a soft cloth to remove the extra chalk residue.


Chalkboard paint dries very quickly, so don't make a very large batch.

Chalkboard paint does not store well, so don't make more than you need.

Consider using a magnetic metal surface or using a magnetic paint as a primer before applying the chalkboard paint to have a magnetic chalkboard.








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