If you have a house, mobile home, or trailer that is not very attractive (or maybe downright ugly), there are several ways to improve its curb appeal. 

Curb appeal is especially important when selling a home because potential buyers may not even get out of their car if they do not like the appearance of the home's exterior.

cauhphoto courtesy of John Aldersey-Williams Ugly_House-by-John-Aldersey-Williams.jpg

Paint your ugly home to blend into its surroundings. 

Consider painting your house earth tones such as olive green, beige, brown, or cream to almost camoflage itself into the landscape. 

Do not paint the trim a contrasting color - make it all the same color. 

The house's paint should make your home nearly disappear for better curb appeal.


Landscaping disguises many ugly things since most all of nature is beautiful. 

Trees can draw viewers' eyes up and away from your ugly home or trailer. 

When selecting plants, make sure to purchase large evergreen shrubs that retain their leaves during the winter to make sure your ugly house is disguised during the entire year. 

You can select plants that will grow taller than your home to cover all of its unattractive features. 

You can also use landscaping on the edge of your property to hide your neighbor's ugly home to improve curb appeal.


Hardscaping, such as fences and walls, will further disguise your ugly home or trailer and the debris in your front or backyard.  

Select a fence at least 6 foot tall in order to conceal ugly things from most people's sight line for better curb appeal.


Focal Point
Creating a focal point at the curb of your home will draw people's attention away from your ugly home. 

Consider adding a gazebo, fountain, colorful flower bed, pretty tree, or fancy front door (with the rest of the house concealed) to disguise your home and increase curb appeal.



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