Painting your home's exterior can be costly and time consuming, so you should take extra care to ensure you have selected the best paint color. 

Here are some designer tips and tricks for selecting the best exterior paint color so you don't have to repaint.


Tips and Tricks for How to Select a Paint Color for the Exterior of a Homephoto courtesy of AgnosticPreachersKid 1743_-_1749_Swann_Street,_N.W..JPGCheck with HOA
If you live in a neighborhood that is regulated by a Home Owner's Association (HOA) or in a historic neighborhood, you will probably be required to get approval and proper documentation before you start painting the outside of your home.

There may be a limited selection of approved exterior paint colors for your neighborhood, so you should check the rules first. 

Even if you are planning on painting the exterior of your home the exact same color, you should still check the rules before painting.


Look Around
Walk or drive around your neighborhood to look at homes. 

Figure out what exterior home colors appeal to you. Most homes have an overall color plus one or two accent colors.

If you really like the colors of a particular house, bring paint swatches with you so you can match the exact colors.


Not Like Your Neighbor
You should paint the exterior of your home a color that is unlike your neighbors' homes that are within 3 homes each way and across the street 3 homes away, unless required by your historic district or HOA.

housecolors4photo courtesy of Andreas Lamecker Hemingwayhouse.jpg

Unique, But Not Too Unique
Your home's paint color should be unique, but not so unique that it does not appeal to most people.

If you feel the need to paint the outside of your home a unique color, consider painting the trim or accents that color but leaving the majority of your home a more neutral color.

pcolor2photo courtesy of Brian Stansberry 2222-island-home-blvd-knox-tn1.jpg


Appropriate For Style
Your exterior paint color scheme should be appropriate for your style of home.

A beach cottage style home will traditionally have a different exterior color scheme than a colonial style home which will traditionally have a different exterior color scheme than a craftsman style home.

You can look online at photos of your style of home for exterior paint color ideas.

pcolor7photo courtesy of Sgerbic Hale_House_left_Heritage_House.JPG

Consider Plants and Roof Colors
Don't forget to consider your landscaping and roof colors when selecting exterior paint colors for your home.

If you have a lot of pink flowering bushes, a red exterior paint color may not look good with pink.

housecolors2jphoto courtesy of Infrogmation Esplanade_Ave_FQ_Sept_O9_723.JPG

Try It Out
If you cannot decide on an exterior paint color, purchase several different paint color samples and paint a small portion of your home that is visible from the street.

After the paint has dried, look at your paint colors from across the street in the morning, afternoon, and evening since daylight changes colors throughout the day.



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