There are many monetary benefits to planting a tree.

Here is a list of several benefits you may receive if you plant a tree or two.

Several Ways to Save Money By Planting a Tree

Increase in Property Value
Your home's value may increase as much as $1,000 per mature tree on your property.

If you have many mature trees, your property value could increase by as much as $10,000 or more.

When you sell your home, you will have more saved money in the bank.


Lower Electric Bills
Trees can shade your home and reduce your electricity bills by as much as 20%.

Shade can reduce the temperature of your home by up to 15 degrees.

Deciduous trees planted towards the east and west of your property will allow you to get the maximum shade benefit.

Evergreen trees planted toward the north side of your property will act as a wind break in the winter.

Consider creating shade over your air conditioning unit as well to increase its efficiency.

You can purchase a few fast growing trees for a home without trees, but beware that fast growing trees are not always as strong or live as long as slower growing trees.

Make sure to do your research on trees to get the correct tree for your climate and the particular spot in your yard.


Reduce Water Requirements
Your lawn will require less water if it is shaded by a tree. 

Shade will reduce your water bill and save you money.

You will also not need to mow your lawn as much, saving you time and money.


Some electric companies, cities, and communities offer rebates for planting a tree on your property.

There are usually requirements, such as having to purchase the tree from a particular company who will plant it for you, the tree may have to be a particular type of tree, or the tree may have to be planted on a certain side of your home.


Less Taxes
Trees provide shade on the street which will increase its lifespan so it will have to be replaced less often using your tax money.

Trees reduce water runoff, topsoil erosion, and help purify the water.

Studies have proven that trees assist motorists in viewing curves in the road and visually making the street feel narrower so motorists drive slower, which reduces accidents that cost money.


Physical and Psychological Effects
Trees act as a noise buffer which will allow you better sleep which will lessen the chances of getting sick. 

Trees also reduce stress which will reduce the chances of getting sick, having to pay doctor bills, and missing work.

People who are bed ridden heal faster and have fewer complications when they have a view of a tree out their window. 

Trees clean the air to make our environment cleaner. 

Studies have also shown that trees reduce domestic violence (No, I am not making this up). 


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