Many people do not give much thought to the outside of their home until it is time to cut the grass.

You should appreciate the extra space you have and utilize that space as an extension of your home.

Here are a few ways to decorate your back patio to be both fun and stylish.

Tips and Tricks for How to Decorate a Back Patio to be Fun and Stylishphoto courtesy of Brent Eckley
Consider the fun activities you want on your back patio and designate certain areas for each activity.

You can have a barbeque area, a seating area to hang out with your friends, an area to store firewood for your fire pit, a space for a television to watch the big game, or whatever you want on your back patio.

You can decide whether you want the patio to be fully covered, partially covered with an arbor or pergola, or not covered at all.


The furniture you select for your back patio should be comfortable enough, stylish enough, and a high enough quality to go inside your home.

Do not skimp and get smaller cheaper patio furniture.

If you cannot afford the patio furniture you want now, save up your money and purchase it when it goes on sale at the end of summer.


Select appliances, such as a barbeque or outdoor heaters, which will allow you to accomplish all of your goals outside. 


In order to use your back patio during all parts of the day, you must have outdoor lighting.

A fun option for outdoor lighting is stylish string lights hung across the patio and into the trees.

You can also add decorative lanterns, either battery powered or lit by candles, to add stylish light.


The right accessories will make your back patio feel fun and stylish.

Decorate your back patio with bold and bright colors to make the outdoor room feel fun and a place to hang out.

You can have bright colored pillows, a fun colored rug, stylish candle holders, or whatever coordinates with the decor inside your home.


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