Most people have a collection of several wrapping papers (or maybe more) in their home that they use to wrap gifts, however very few people have a good organizational system to keep the wrapping paper neat, tidy, and in good condition. 

Here are a few ideas for how to organize wrapping paper.

How to Organize Wrapping Paper in Your HomeLess is More
You do not need 5 different wrapping papers for every occasion. 

You do not need wrapping paper that coordinates with the gift inside (Spiderman gift wrap for the Spiderman toy). 

A baby shower gift does not have to be wrapped in baby blue or pink. 

Instead, select a few simple gift wrapping papers (solid colors or a simple graphic pattern) that can be used for multiple occasions. 

Use these wrapping papers with festive color coordinating ribbons and bows to wrap your gifts. 

You can use an elegant black wrapping paper with a metallic bow for an adult's birthday gift or use it with a red plaid ribbon for an elegant Christmas gift. 

You can use a bright colored gift wrapping paper, such as bright green, for a girl or boy birthday gift. 

You can use simple kraft paper with pretty ribbon to wrap gifts for most any occasion. 

Also consider getting reversible gift wrap, such as a solid black gift wrap that reverses to black and white chevron that would be good for a teenager's gift.


Hold It Together
Once wrapping paper is opened, it needs to be held together when in storage. 

If you use a rubber band, the rubber band will wrinkle the wrapping paper. 

If you use tape, the tape might stick to the paper and rip it. 

One of the best ways to hold together wrapping paper is to use an empty toilet paper tube.  Simply cut the tube all the way through to create an opening and place around the wrapping paper (shown around the black wrapping paper in the photo).


Store It
There are several ways to store gift wrap.  If you have an armoire or utility room with an oversized drawer, consider storing the gift wrap in there. 

You can also store gift wrap inside an oversized storage ottoman, inside a cedar chest, in a vintage oversized suitcase, vertically in a decorative basket, or horizontally under your bed. 

If you store it vertically inside your closet, put the wrapping paper in a bucket or open top box to contain it. 

If you want to store it on the floor of your closet, use 2 tension curtain rods to create a barrier to keep the wrapping paper from falling over. 

If you have room in your home for a dedicated gift wrapping area, consider adding several dowel rods to your wall or closet wall to hang your wrapping paper and ribbons.

You can also create a wall of pegboard so you can reconfigure your wrapping station as you see fit.

There are even specialty gift wrap organizers to keep gift wrap protected and tidy. 

Some organizers are soft fabric while others are hard cases that can be stored most anywhere. 

There are some unique organizers that are meant to hang on the back of a door while others are on rolling carts.


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