Kids have many toys, however they rarely get cleaned. 

All toys should be cleaned every month or so, especially if your child has been sick. 

Toys made entirely out of plastic (nothing with an electrical component) can typically be washed using water, however check with the toy manufacturer first. 

Do not submerse plastic toys that have stickers attached since the stickers may come off. 

Be careful with any plastic toys that are painted since the paint could scratch or come off during cleaning. 

Here are a few options for cleaning small plastic toys, such as Legos. 

How to Clean Small Plastic Toys (Legos)photo courtesy of Bill Ward

You can wash your Legos or other small plastic toys in your bathtub (a plastic bucket also works). 

Make sure to close the drain so no toys escape. 

Run enough water to thoroughly cover the toys. 

Add your cleaner of choice and stir. 

Once you feel the toys are clean enough, remove them and put them in a colander or strainer so that they can dry. 

Stir the toys in the colander or strainer 3 or 4 times over a 12 hour period to ensure they are thoroughly dry. 

Another drying suggestion is to lay them out on a large towel without any touching and flip them upside down after a few hours to ensure both sides dry properly. 

Some people will even use a salad spinner to dry their toys.


Clothes Washer
Using your clothing washer is another way to wash small plastic toys and Legos. 

Add your toys to a laundry mesh bag or pillow case and close tightly. 

Wash your toys on the gentle cycle using cold water. 

Do not put the toys in the dryer. 

Dry the toys using one of the methods mentioned above.


Since most dishwashers use heat, do not use this method with any precious plastic toys or Legos since there is a chance they may warp. 

For those less precious toys, put them in a mesh bag or collander covered with a pot lid or plate and wash on the top rack without heat and without the dry cycle. 


If you have Legos or small plastic toys with stuck on dirt, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the dirt off. 

Follow by cleaning using one of the methods mentioned above.


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