Are you aware of everything that you touch throughout the day? 

I'm guessing that there are several items that you touch several times per day that almost never get cleaned. 

Here is a list of some of the germiest items in your home that you should start cleaning regularly. 

For most of them, you can simply wipe them with a disinfecting wipe daily or weekly.

The Germiest Places in Your Homephoto courtesy of Beatrice Murch
Your cell phone and home phone are touched regularly yet almost never get cleaned. 

Not only do you touch your phone with your hands, but you also touch it with your face. 


Remote Controls
If you watch TV regularly, you touch your remote control often. 

As dirty as your remote controls are, consider the cleanliness of remote controls in hotels that you visit.


Door Knobs
Door knobs, especially those in a bathroom, should be cleaned regularly.


Alarm Keypad
Those buttons not only contain germs, but the dirt from your fingers on the same number keys can tell burglars your alarm code.


You set your purse on the ground and then put it on your bed, desk, or countertop. 

Those dirt and germs are transferred to whatever surface you put your purse on. 

Consider not putting your purse on the floor and if you do, do not put it on a clean surface. 

You can purchase a purse hanger that hooks to countertops and tables to help keep your purse off the ground.


Computer Keyboard and Mouse
I'm guessing you have never cleaned your computer keyboard or your computer mouse

Consider keeping a canister of disinfecting wipes (not baby wipes) in your office to wipe down items regularly.


Other Places to Deep Clean and Disinfect
Children's toys, kitchen sink, kitchen sponge and towels, toothbrush (and toothbrush holder), makeup sponges and brushes, cutting board, cabinet knobs, light switches, washing machine, dirty laundry basket (especially if also used for clean clothes), toilet handle, appliance knobs, pet toys and bedding, faucet handles, inside of small appliances (coffee makers, toasters, etc), kitchen and bath countertops, inside your refrigerator, carpet, and bath towels (make sure they dry completely within 20 minutes).


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