If you have an ink stain on your upholstered furniture or your car upholstery, do not panic. 

There are many different methods for cleaning upholstery that are very effective. 

Here are several different methods for how to get ink out of upholstery.  Be prepared to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours cleaning in order to remove the stain completely.


Tips & Tricks for Getting Ink Out of UpholsteryWork While it is Wet
Fresh stains are always easier to clean than set in stains, so attempt to remove the ink stain as soon as you notice it.


Contact Manufacturer
Always contact the manufacturer of your sofa, chair, car, or whoever made your upholstery to get their advice on how to clean it. 

Cleaning ink out of your upholstery without following the manufacturer's directions may void your warranty.

If your upholstery's manufacturer does not have any suggestions for you, then proceed with caution. 

Always check these cleaning methods in an inconspicuous place to make sure they do not hurt your fabric. 

Different fabrics react differently to different cleaning methods, so be very cautious.


Blot Ink
First, remove as much ink as possible without spreading it around. 

Use a paper towel or another disposable rag to blot as much ink off of your upholstery as possible. 

Keep blotting until your towel no longer absorbs any ink.


Remove Cover
If possible, remove the upholstered cover from your chair or sofa. 

Removing the cover will make cleaning easier and more effective.


Plain Water
Use plain water to flush the ink out of your fabric. 

Start by blotting the fabric again using a wet rag. 

After that, if you have removed your cover, you can go to your kitchen sink and run water through the fabric upholstery from the back side of the fabric.


Hair Spray or Rubbing Alcohol
Another upholstery cleaning method is to blot the ink stain with hair spray or rubbing alcohol. 

Do not put the hair spray or rubbing alcohol on the fabric, but put it on your rag and blot the rag on the ink stain.


Baking Soda and a Toothbrush
You can use baking soda and a toothbrush to remove an ink stain on fabric upholstery, but it works best if you can remove your upholstery cover. 

Simply sprinkle some baking soda on the wet upholstery and brush the fabric vigorously with the toothbrush in all directions to remove the stain. 

Repeat over and over again until you get your desired results. 

Make sure to flush the baking soda off of your upholstery using water after you are done cleaning.


Commercial Cleaners
As a last resort, you can use commercial laundry stain removers to get the ink out of your fabric. 

Be aware that many commercial stain removers are very harsh and can bleach or damage your upholstery.


Let it Dry
Do not put your upholstery cover in the dryer since it may shrink (unless your upholstery manufacturer says it is OK). 

Blot as much of the liquid out of the fabric and let it air dry indoors since hanging it outdoors may bleach the fabric.


Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service
If you are too scared of damaging your upholstery, enlist professional help. 

Contact a professional upholstery cleaning service. 

The service may visit your home to clean the upholstery on site or they may take the upholstery with them to clean it at their office.