Crystal chandeliers are beautiful, but they should be cleaned regularly to be able to really sparkle. 

Most chandeliers should be dusted at least once a month and properly cleaned at least once a year. 

Crystal chandeliers are fragile, so extra care must be taken to clean them with care. 

Follow the steps below to clean a crystal chandelier.

How to Clean Your Crystal Chandelierphoto courtesy of Jessie Pearl First
Before cleaning any chandelier or light fixture, you should turn off the power at the breaker box. 

You will know you have flipped the correct breaker when the crystal chandelier light turns off but the switch is still turned on. 

You will most likely need to find an alternate light source so you can see the chandelier as you work, or open the windows to let the sunshine inside. 

You might also want to put a few fluffy blankets underneath your chandelier while working to hopefully keep the crystals from breaking in case you drop one.


Cool Down
If your crystal chandelier has incandescent light bulbs or other bulbs that get hot, wait several minutes for the bulbs to cool down before getting near the chandelier so you don't burn yourself.


Quick Clean
If you want to do a quick clean on your crystal chandelier, simply climb a ladder and spray a little glass cleaner on a soft towel (not a paper towel). 

Do not spray directly on the chandelier. 

Using the soft towel, gently wipe down each crystal. 

Use another soft dry towel to wipe down the body of your crystal chandelier and you are done. 

Do not rotate or twist the chandelier as you work, else it may fall from the ceiling. 

If you are interested in a deeper clean, follow the steps below.


Reference Photos
If your crystal chandelier is very intricate, make a sketch or take a few "before" photos to help you put it back together again properly. 

Make sure to take several close up photos as well as an overall photo.  

You probably want to allow enough time to disassemble and reassemble your crystal chandelier without interruption to help you remember how to put it back together.


Remove Crystals
Very carefully remove the crystals from your chandelier and place them in a soft cloth or towel. 

Try not to break any of the wires that hold the crystals. 

Do not pull, push, twist, rotate, or hang on the chandelier at all, else it may fall from the ceiling. 

The crystals should not touch each other in the towel to avoid breakage and scratching.


Wash and Dry
Wash your crystals one by one either in the sink or using a soft cloth and plain water. 

Do not use paper towels or anything that might scratch the crystals. 

Immediately dry the crystals with a soft lint free cloth to ensure there are no water spots. 

Put each clean crystal into a new soft cloth or towel once clean. 

Do NOT put crystals in your dishwasher. 

If the crystals are really dirty, you can use a mild dish soap to clean them.


Clean the Body
Before putting the crystals back on the chandelier, clean the body of the chandelier using a soft cloth with minimal water. 

Do not use harsh chemicals. 

Avoid getting any of the wiring wet. 

Dry the body of the chandelier immediately after cleaning.


Using the reference photos you took, reassemble your crystal chandelier and turn the breaker back on. 

If your chandelier is very difficult to reach, consider replacing the light bulbs with longer lasting more energy efficient bulbs to avoid getting on the ladder again when they burn out.


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