Many people prefer to remove their shoes when entering their home to help keep their home clean. 

A problem arises when the shoes get pushed into a messy pile  in the entryway or foyer (especially if there are children in the house). 

Here are a few shoe storage ideas for a home's entryway or foyer.

Shoe Storage Ideas for an Entryway or Foyerphoto courtesy of Basket
A basic large basket can contain the shoes in the entryway so people don't trip over them. 

The basket can be wicker, metal, plastic, or whatever you prefer. 

You can put the basket under an entry table to keep it a out of the way.

You can have a different basket for each family member.



Shoe Cabinet
There are specialty shoe cabinets available for purchase that have fold down drawers to hold shoes. 

Some specialty shoe cabinets also have places for umbrellas and other items.

Purchase a shoe cabinet that coordinates with your current decor style.


Bench with Cubbies or Baskets Underneath
Since people often like to sit down while taking off or putting on shoes in an entryway or foyer, providing a bench to sit on is a great solution. 

You can store the shoes underneath the bench in either cubbies or baskets.  Each family member can have their own cubbie or basket to store their shoes.


Storage Ottoman
Similar to a bench, a storage ottoman provides a place to sit while taking off or putting on shoes and allows for shoe storage as well. 

Storage ottomans come in round, square, and rectangular shapes in many different fabric choices.

Some storage ottomans are large and can seat many people while others are small and can only seat one person.


Coat Closet
If you have a coat closet, consider adding cubbies for shoe storage. 

You can even label each cubby with a person's name or type of shoe.


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