If you have a small closet, an overflowing closet, or no closet at all, you may need to store clothing in different locations. 

Here are a few options for unique clothing storage solutions.

Clothing Storage Options, Ideas, and Solutions When You Have a Small Closet or No Closet at Allphoto courtesy of Steve Johnson flickr.com/photos/artbystevejohnson/5423374464/Under Bed
You can store your out of season clothing under your bed. 

You can get a bed that has a built in dresser below.

Another option is to get a platform bed that has hidden storage or you can get underbed bags to put your clothing inside. 

Also consider having rolling drawers custom built to put underneath your bed and maximize the available space for clothing storage.


Wall to Wall Cabinets
If you have an available wall, consider installing wall to wall cabinets as a wardrobe. 

To maximize clothing storage, have the cabinets run from floor to ceiling and corner to corner. 

The cabinets can having hanging storage as well as drawers for socks and shoes. 


Clothes Rack
If you don't have a closet, you can have a freestanding clothes rack in your bedroom to hang clothes. 

You could also suspend a clothes rod or ladder from your ceiling to hang clothes from. 

If you desire, disguise the clothes rack with a curtain or folding screen to keep your bedroom looking nicer.

You can even pull your bed away from the wall, put a floor to ceiling curtain behind your bed, then put the clothes rack behind the curtain.


If you have pretty clothing items, such as shoes or purses, consider displaying them on a bookcase or floating shelves.

Shelves attached to the wall over a door are especially popular.


Taller and/or Bigger Dresser
If you have a traditional short dresser, consider investing in a taller or wider dresser or even get a large armoire. 

The larger piece of furniture will accommodate more clothing.


Up High and Down Low
Consider storing your out of season clothing in out of the way places, such as up high above cabinets or down low below hanging clothes. 

Take advantage of unused spaces that are not easily accessible for out of season clothes. 


Trunk, Basket, Cedar Chest, Etc.
You can store your clothing in non-traditional places, such as a trunk, footlocker, picnic basket, cedar chest, storage ottoman, built in bench, basement, attic, file cabinet,  luggage, another room, or any other place that has available storage.


Vacuum Bags
Also consider using vacuum bags to store your out of season clothes.

Vacuum bags suck the air out of the bag and make the clothes flatten, taking up much less space. 


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