You put dirty items in your washing machine and they come out clean, but your washing machine needs to be cleaned on a regular basis for it to perform at its best. 

Here are the steps for cleaning a top loading washing machine.


Tips and Tricks for How to Clean a Washing Machinephoto courtesy of osseous Cleaning

Wipe Down
For a quick clean to your washing machine, wipe it down with kitchen cleaner and a damp rag. 

Start by cleaning the cleaner parts then move to the dirtiest parts. 

Don't forget to clean the lid (inside and outside) as well as the control knobs. 

You can use an old toothbrush to clean the smaller cracks and crevices.


Deep Cleaning

Using the largest load, fill your washing machine with hot water and add 1 cup of bleach. 

Allow the washer to run for about a minute, then stop it by lifting the lid or adjusting the knob. 

Let the bleach and water solution sit for about an hour to kill the germs.  Drain the water.


After bleaching your washer, do the same thing except with vinegar. 

Vinegar will loosen the dirt and grime. 

Let the vinegar sit for an hour, drain it, then wipe the inside of your washer with a clean towel. 

Don't forget about the agitator blades which are typically quite dirty. 

The dirtiest part of your washer may be at the very top of the tub just under the washing machine shell. 

Ensure that you thoroughly clean that area as well.


Remove Dispensers
If your washing machine has any removable parts, such as a bleach or fabric softener dispenser, remove them and wash them in the sink with soap and water. 

Clean underneath the dispensers and in any cracks and crevices using an old toothbrush.


Washing Machine Cleaner
If you prefer, you can use specially made washing machine cleaner to clean your washer. 

Cleaners are typically available at big box stores, hardware stores, and online.




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