How to Quickly and Easily Clean Siding without Any Special Tools

Many people get green or black spots on the siding of their home.  These spots are typically dirt, mold, mildew, fungus, and/or algae. 

You can use pressure washing, scrubbing, or hiring people to remove these stains every year, however it can be very time consuming and expensive. 

There is a much quicker, easier, and cheaper way to clean siding.

Here are the steps for how to quickly and easily clean siding without any special tools


How to Quickly and Easily Clean Siding without Any Special ToolsHouse Wash
The most important step to cleaning your siding is to purchase the correct house wash. 

Look at reviews online to see what works.  Typically a house wash that contains bleach works best. 

The brand that was used for the photo is Home Armor E-Z House Wash.  This brand was selected after several failed attempts to clean the siding using a pressure washer and other products (I was not paid to endorse this product).   


Spray On
Always use the directions listed on the package of house wash you use. 

Here are the general directions.  Before using the product, make sure to have on old clothes because it might discolor your clothes since the product is made of bleach.   You should also use safety glasses to avoid getting the product in your eyes. 

Simply attach the house wash to your garden hose. 

Before using it on a large area of your home, use it on a test spot to ensure it does not discolor your siding. 

You should also wet down your plants that might get sprayed to they are less affected by the bleach solution. 

Turn on the garden hose and spray the house wash onto your home and let it sit for 10 minutes. 

You may want to use a step ladder to reach farther, especially if you have a 2 story home. 

It will look like it is not doing anything - don't panic! 

After 10 minutes, turn the nozzle on your house wash bottle to rinse and wash the house wash off. 

You may want to repeat the process if any mold or mildew remains. 

One bottle should clean a small to medium sized one story home one time. 

This solution will also clean brick, stucco, fences, and other outdoor materials.





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