Like everything else in your home, your lampshades need dusting regularly.

If you have a bright white or black lampshade, the dust will be much more visible than a beige or cream colored lampshade.

Here are a few tips and tricks for dusting a lampshade.

Tips and Tricks for Dusting a Lampshade - the Easy Way!Feather Duster
When most people imagine someone dusting, they imagine someone with a feather duster. 

A feather duster will remove some dust from a lampshade, however it spreads the dust throughout the room instead of trapping it.


Compressed Air or a Hairdryer
You can use a can of compressed air (usually found in the computer department of big box stores) or a hair dryer to blow the dust off your lampshade. 

The air will most likely blow some of the dust off, but might not get it all.

It does not remove the dust from the room, only moves it around.

This is a quick fix for dusting in a hurry.


Microfiber Cloth
A microfiber cloth can be used to wipe dust from a lampshade.

Luckily, a microfiber cloth can be easily washed after cleaning.


You can vacuum your lampshades to get the dust off using the brush attachment.

Be careful not to damage your lampshade with your big and bulky vacuum.

Lint Roller
Probably the easiest and most effective way to dust your lampshade is with a link roller.

Simply roll the lint roller across your lampshade - up and down, then left and right to remove all of the lint.

If the lint roller becomes full of dust, simply tear off the dirty piece and start again with a new piece that is stickier.

Luckily, lint rollers typically cost around $1, so this is an inexpensive way to clean.

Tip - If you don't have a lint roller available, you can wrap wide tape around your hand with the sticky side out and press it against the lampshade for a similar effect.


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