Whether you have a newer frameless glass shower or a traditional framed glass shower, glass shower doors on a tub, or glass shower walls, they can all be difficult to clean and difficult to keep clean.

The best way to keep your shower glass clean is to properly wipe it down after every shower.

There is an easy way to quickly clean your glass shower doors and walls, both frosted and clear, without chemicals.

If you follow the steps every time you shower, which should only take 30 seconds, your shower glass should be perfectly spotless and should never need chemicals to keep it clean. 

gsdw16photo courtesy of saavem www.sxc.hu/photo/1213499The Right Equipment
Get a a dual headed squeegee.

One of the heads of a dual headed squeegee is a squeegee (like a hand broom with a plastic scraper instead of bristles) and the other head is a microfiber cloth.

If you cannot find a dual headed squeegee in your local stores, search online for one or use a regular squeegee and a separate microfiber cloth.


Once you have finished showering and have turned off the water, squeegee your glass shower doors and walls from top to bottom, which should only take about 15 seconds to clean while you are drip drying.



After squeegeeing, use either the microfiber side of your squeegee or a microfiber cloth to clean all of your shower glass doors and walls from top to bottom, which should take another 15 seconds.


Hang it Up
After cleaning your glass shower doors and walls, hang your squeegee up to dry.  That's it - 30 seconds later you're done!


Other Options
If you don't mind using chemicals, consider adding a water repelling solution, such as Rain-X, to your glass shower doors to keep them cleaner, but make sure to see how it performs in a small inconspicuous place first before using it all over your glass. 

You can also use special after shower sprays to keep your shower glass spotless.





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