Almost everyone complains about not having enough storage in their home. 

Most homes have enough space, however the space is not utilized well to allow adequate storage. 

Here are a few simple storage solutions you can use in your home.

Simple storage solutions for a homephoto courtesy of Joanet High
Many people only think of floor space as storage space, but you can also store things up high. 

You can use tall storage cabinets or bookcases that use the upper portion of the wall for storage. 

Photo by Board & Vellum
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If you have a small kitchen, use the space above the cabinets for storage by adding baskets up there. 

Also consider adding a shelf above door frames to store items such as trophies, dolls, books, and other collectables. 

Your closet probably has storage up near the ceiling that you are not using.


Down Low
Don't forget about storing things under furniture or even under the floor. 

You can use under bed boxes or bags to store out of season clothing, gift wrap, extra linens, or whatever you need.


Inside Furniture
When selecting furniture for a home with limited storage, select items that have storage capabilities inside. 

Consider getting an ottoman with storage inside instead of a coffee table without storage. 

Other furniture pieces that have storage include a storage bench, a bed with integrated drawers underneath the mattress, and a desk with the legs made out of file cabinets.


Inside the Walls
There is hollow space between most of your walls that is wasted but could be used for storage. 

You can have a medicine cabinet, jewelry storage, ironing board, or display cabinet set inside your walls.


Behind the Door
Doors are like walls that open, so use them like you would use a wall when storing items. 

You can store shoes, a mirror, accessories, cleaning products, spices, toys, bath robes, and more on both full sized doors and cabinet doors.


Make it Pretty
If you have pretty storage boxes or other containers, then you can leave them out in plain sight. 

Consider using large decorative jars with lids to hide cotton balls, paper clips, or sweets. 

You can use large baskets to hide dog toys or kids toys. 

Decorative boxes can hide last year's tax records or your ugly computer equipment.


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