There are millions of lamps available to purchase, so how do you select a lamp of good quality?

Whether you want a new lamp, a vintage lamp, or even an antique lamp, you should always get the best quality within your budget. 

Here are a few things to look for when purchasing a quality lamp.
Tips and Tricks for How to Pick a Good Quality Lampphoto courtesy of Ragesoss Wide_array_of_lamps.jpgLampshade

The lampshade usually tells the most about the quality of the lamp.

Look at the fabric or paper seams to see if they are well constructed and the inside of the lampshade to see if it is lined.

Is the lampshade made out of silk or a different lesser quality fabric?

Is the lampshade the appropriate size and proportion for the lamp?

Does the shade wobble when touched or is it well attached?

Lamp Base
Does the base of the lamp look like it will tip over in a slight breeze or from a table that might get bumped?

Is the lamp base  slightly heavy or very light weight lesser quality?

Does the lamp base have scratches on it or is the finish in perfect condition?

Is the finish consistent throughout the base or does it have dark and light spots or drips? 

If it is a touch lamp, do you think that the finish will stand up to constant touching? 

Is the lamp the correct height for your requirements?

Does the lamp give off the appropriate light for the room you are putting it into?

Does it require special bulbs that you might not be able to find at a local store?

Is the electrical cord the proper length you need to reach the electrical outlet?

Is it UL listed or does it have any other safety certifications? 

If it is a vintage lamp, is the wiring still good or does it need to be rewired.


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