Most people's bathroom vanities were built by a builder who was more interested in saving money than good design. 

They tend to all look the same - white cabinets without hardware, large unframed sheet mirror, basic light fixtures, and that is about it. 

Here are a few tips, tricks, and ideas to give a bathroom vanity a high end designer look.

How to Give a Bathroom Vanity a High End Designer Lookphoto courtesy of Alex Beattie Wall
In order to create drama and give your vanity a high end designer look, you should have a focal wall behind your vanity. 

The easiest way to create a focal wall is to paint the wall behind your vanity from countertop to ceiling. 

Another option is to tile the wall. 

You can use whatever tile appeals to you, however a natural stone will probably stay in style longer. 

The tile on the focal wall can set the color scheme and style for your entire bathroom.


Light Fixtures
Get rid of that ugly light bar over your mirror. 

Replace the light bar with lights on either side of each mirror for better lighting and a more high end designer look.

Instead of a large sheet mirror on your wall, replace it with an interesting framed mirror that is beveled. 

Make sure the mirror is oversized.


Your faucet probably cost $20 and could break at any minute since it is the cheapest faucet ever made, so invest in a stylish new faucet for your high end designer bathroom vanity.

If you have money in your budget, consider replacing your cultured marble countertops with a natural stone countertop instead.

Cabinet Knobs and Pulls
One of the least expensive decorative touches you can add to a bathroom is to add cabinet knobs and pulls. 

Try to find something interesting, vintage looking, or artsy to add a designer touch to your bathroom vanity.


Crown Molding
To top off your vanity focal wall, consider adding crown molding to all the walls in your bathroom for a final touch.


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