When it comes to decorating a bathroom, people tend to do too much decorating or no decorating at all. 

In order to have a beautiful bathroom that is also functional, a bathroom should be decorated properly. 

Here are a few designer tips, tricks, and ideas for how to decorate a bathroom.

Interior Designer Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for How to Decorate a Bathroomphoto courtesy of angi231700 flickr.com/photos/49725418@N07/6887461849/Function
The most important designer tip is to consider the function of your bathroom prior to decorating. 

Do not put decorative items on your countertops that take up space you will need for your functional items when getting ready. 

Do you have a space for your clean and wet towels? 

Where will you put your dirty clothes?

Almost everyone would like more storage in their homes.

If possible, add more storage to your bathroom by adding a cabinet. 

A designer trick is to add a unique piece of furniture to use as storage - perhaps an antique cabinet or a modern dresser.

Water Friendly
Since a bathroom is a wet area, you must be careful of the materials you use. 

Wood and carpet does not like getting wet. 

Bathrooms tend to feel cold and sterile from all of the hard surfaces. 

Consider adding some items from nature to make your bathroom feel more warm and welcoming. 

You can add flowers, a flowering plant, or a tree. 

Avoid fake plants and flowers that collect dust. 

You can even replace your basic tub apron with a stained wood apron for a natural feel.

Hard surfaces in a bathroom make a room feel rigid, so add some soft elements to make the room more cozy. 

You can add soft curtains, a plush rug, or display your fluffy towels to add a cozy feel.

Dark and Light
Most bathrooms are a sea of white. 

A designer tip is to balance all of that white with a little touch of black or dark brown to create contrast and make your bathroom more interesting.

If you have the wall space, select artwork or a wall hanging to add personality to your bathroom. 

Ensure that the artwork will not be affected by the humidity in your bathroom.

If you feel the need to use accessories on your bathroom countertop, make them functional accessories. 

You can use a decorative soap dispenser, apothecary jars filled with cotton balls and other necessities, and/or a decorative decanter filled with mouthwash.

Your accessories do not have to come from the bathroom section of your favorite home improvement store.  Consider using more unconventional decorative items for some designer flair.


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