Many people want their bathrooms to be a place of peace and relaxation with luxurious surroundings. 

Some people want a spa like bathroom or hotel bathroom, but most people just want their bathroom to to be their refuge at the end of the day. 

Here are a few tips, tricks, and ideas to add luxury to a bathroom and upgrade one of the most important rooms in your home.

Designer Tips and Tricks for How to Add Luxury to a Bathroomphoto courtesy of SandersLaura

Upgrade your flooring with a natural stone tile in whatever shape and size appeals to you. 

For added luxury, install in floor radiant heat to keep your bathroom warm. 

If you desire, select a fluffy and/or elegant rug to soften the space and break up the visual look of all of the tile. 

Avoid tile patterns that look like rugs since they don't always work well with fabric rugs and can sometimes make a room feel smaller (not to mention the added installation expense). 

Paint your walls with a serene and calming color. 

Another option is to use an elegant wallpaper or install a focal wall with an interesting accent tile from floor to ceiling. 

Avoid using dark tile on the walls else it may make your bathroom look like a dark and dreary cave.

Upgrade your builder grade plumbing fixtures with high end fixtures that have an interesting shape. 

Your plumbing fixtures (sinks, tub, shower) should all have the same metal finish and design style.

Install various light fixtures throughout your room so you can customize the light per the time of day and your activity. 

Incorporate a dimmer switch to add extra customization of the light level. 

Try to incorporate a chandelier, either traditional or modern, for added luxury. 

Also ensure there is plenty of natural light in your bathroom.  If your bathroom does not have any windows or does not get as much natural light as you want, consider installing a solar tube to incorporate natural light.

Add luxury upgrades to your bathroom, such as a heated towel bar, a room heater, a steam shower, a television, on demand hot water, frameless glass shower walls and doors, a shower seat, a calming scent, surround sound speakers, a fireplace, a skylight or two, a chandelier, dual sinks, and technology upgrades.

Accessories in a room can turn a basic room into a luxurious room. 

Make sure to have high quality fluffy oversized towels, shampoo and other bath items in pretty packaging, and something living - such as a plant or flowers. 

Do not add too many accessories to your bathroom since you will need plenty of counter space. 

Almost everyone can use more storage in their bathroom.

A lack of storage creates clutter, which is definitely not luxurious.

You can create a custom built in storage cabinet or you can incorporate an interesting antique piece of furniture for storage. 

Ensure that everything has a dedicated space to minimize clutter, such as a place for wet towels, dirty laundry, makeup, and other daily necessities.


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