Most everyone wants a more organized home since better organization reduces the time and frustration it takes to find items, thus reducing stress.

An organized bathroom makes your home more aesthetically pleasing, thus making you happier.

The primary solution for having an organized and tidy bathroom is to purge the items you do not need and have all of your other items hidden yet easily accessible, unless they are displayed in a decorative way.

Before beginning a bathroom organization project, start by purging as many items as possible and only keep the items you love the most.

Discard expired medicine, products that you don't use anymore, and worn items that need to be replaced.

All of your items should bring you joy.  If an item does not bring you joy, find another one that functions just as well yet makes you happy.

Buy the pretty towels, the fluffy rug, and the artwork that makes you smile.

You don't need a large quantity of items that might create more clutter, however the few items you have should be high quality.

Analyze the items you have left after purging and determine what organizational products would work best in your bathroom.

Here are a few really awesome products that can help your bathroom be more organized and look its best.


awesome products for bathroom organizationNail Polish Display Rack
Many women have an extensive nail polish collection that keeps growing year after year.

Instead of having your nail polish hidden in a box under your countertop, make your nail polish into decoration for your walls.

A nail polish display rack will keep your nail polish organized so you can easily select the correct color.

All of the colorful nail polish bottles will be very cheerful on display in a bathroom.

You can select a nail polish rack that is clear acrylic for a glam or modern bathroom, or you can select one that is curved metal for a more traditional bathroom.

This would make a great gift for a teenage girl.


Towel Bar with Shelf
Almost everyone has a towel bar in their bathroom, however you can be more organized if you have a towel bar that includes a shelf or several shelves.

You can keep any number of things on the shelf that you access every day, such as your perfume collection, hair spay, extra towels, or a small decorative plant.

Wall mounted storage of any kind keeps countertops from getting overly cluttered.


Toothbrush Organizer
Use a toothbrush organizer on your bathroom countertop to store multiple toothbrushes in an organized manner.

Select a toothbrush organizer with a lid for a more streamlined aesthetic and to reduce the risk of contamination & the transmission of germs.

The toothbrush holder you select can either coordinate with the color scheme of your bathroom or it can be a neutral color (white, metal, black, etc) so it does not demand too much attention.


Cosmetics Organizer
Use a countertop cosmetics organizer to ensure that your every day makeup is easy to reach and make it easy to find the exact item you are looking for.

Luckily, there are many cosmetics organizers that will display your cosmetics is a beautiful way.

You can show off your investment and have everything within arms reach.


Hair Styling Station
In addition to a place for your cosmetics, you also need a place for your hair care items.

You can use a hair styling station that is mounted on the back of a cabinet door to keep your hair appliances easy to access, yet out of the way and organized.

Many hair styling stations accommodate a hair dryer, curling iron, and flat iron.  Other larger hair styling stations have more space for brushes and hair products.


Corner Shower Caddy
Most people are familiar with shower caddies that hook over a shower head for storage of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shave cream, razors, soap, and other bath and shower items.

Those shower caddies may be fine for some people, however most people find that those type of shower caddies do not have enough storage.

To add more storage and organize your shower, you can use a corner shower caddy that is attached to a vertical pole in your shower or tub.

It is like a shower curtain rod that is vertical instead of horizontal with baskets attached at different heights.

Corner shower caddies have 2 to 4 times more storage than a traditional shower head storage basket.


Water Resistant Hooks
Almost everyone is already familiar with wall hooks that are easily removable and don't damage the wall.

There are now hooks that are water resistant, so you can put them in your shower in order to hang towels, robes, a pouf, or anything else that can be draped over or has a loop.

Removable wall hooks are great for renters who are not allowed to damage the walls or for people who want to have a hook attached to tile or glass.


Under Sink Organizer
To keep the not-so-pretty things under your sink organized (such as cleaners, toilet paper, bars of soap, etc), select an organizer that fits your particular bathroom cabinets.

Some organizers are slim to fit on the side of drain pipes, however others actually merge around the pipes for optimal storage.

If you are handy, you can build shelves under your bathroom sink that fit the items you want to put there, or you can install pull out drawers so you can more easily access the items at the back of the cabinet.


Bathroom Countertop Tray
If you must have items on your countertop, they will look more organized and tidy if they are grouped on a decorative tray.

By putting items on a tray, they appear to take up less space and visually act as one larger item instead of many smaller items that make a bathroom feel cluttered.

Decorative trays come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles to accommodate any bathroom's decor style and countertop space.

Common tray materials include acrylic, mirror, wood, metal, leather (or faux leather) and bamboo.


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