Most people want a well decorated home, however they are at a loss when it comes to decorating their bathroom. 

Since a bathroom needs to be very functional, accessories must be chosen to be both functional as well as decorative. 

Here are a few designer tips, tricks, and ideas for decorating your bathroom using accessories.

Designer bathroom accessoriesphoto courtesy of EYA Homes Soap Dispenser
If you prefer liquid soap to bar soap, get a decorative soap dispenser for your countertop instead of a cheap plastic or disposable one. 

A designer tip is you can use the screw off pump top from an old soap dispenser on a new soap dispenser bottom to create a truly unique soap dispenser. 

For a more streamlined look you can have a hole cut into your countertop for an under counter soap dispenser that is popular in kitchens.

Apothecary Jars
Apothecary jars are decorative as well as functional accessories. 

You can fill them with cotton balls, ear swabs (Q-tips), pretty soaps, travel size lotions, bath salts, or whatever you prefer. 

Whatever you put in the apothecary jars should be something you use, not just put there to be pretty.

Many people only put boring bathroom rugs in their bathroom.

A designer trick is to decorate your bathroom using a patterned rug meant for a living room instead of using a boring solid colored rug in your bathroom from the bath accessory section of a store. 

Living room rugs are not meant to get wet, but they can be used in a dry part of your bathroom (such as near a sink area) to make the room feel more cozy and less sterile. 

Framed Mirror
Most generic bathrooms come with a boring sheet mirror that is glued to the wall. 

Replace your sheet mirror with a decorative framed mirror that will serve as a bathroom accessory, but be very careful removing the sheet mirror so you don't hurt yourself.

Just like any other room in your home, you should decorate your bathroom walls with artwork. 

Make sure that the artwork you choose can withstand all of the humidity of your bathroom. 

Whenever you shower, run your bathroom vent fan before you turn on your shower and for 20 minutes after showering to remove excess humidity from your bathroom to keep your artwork safe.

Plants and Flowers
Avoid faux plants and flowers in a bathroom since they collect a lot of dust (especially when there might be hairspray in the air). 

Decorate your bathroom with one small real plant or one small vase of real flowers.

Decorative Towels
Bath towels can be a decorative accessory. 

Select oversized fluffy white towels for a luxurious feel or ones with a pattern to coordinate with your decor.

Shower Curtain
If you have a shower curtain in your bathroom, it is possibly your largest decorative accessory. 

Consider its colors and pattern thoughtfully when decorating. 

If you have a small bathroom, you probably want to use a neutral solid colored shower curtain so it does not overpower the room.

Decanter for Mouthwash
You can decorate your bathroom using a pretty glass or crystal decanter. 

Fill the decanter with mouthwash to add a little color and shine.

Wall Mounted Dispensers
In the shower, use wall mounted dispensers to hide ugly packaging. 

The dispensers can hold shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other liquids.

Trash Can
Your bathroom trash can can be both decorative and functional. 

Select one that is small to fit your space.  Don't use one that draws too much attention. 

A wicker basket is typically a good choice to add texture and neutral color to a sterile room.

Less is More
When decorating a bathroom, remember that less is more. 

Do not add an excess of accessories that might get in the way or just collect dust. 

A few little items are more than enough.  Try to keep the majority of your countertop clear. 

You can get one plastic box for your everyday items to store under your sink, and then pull it out when getting ready in the morning and return the box when you are finished to help keep the countertop clean and tidy.

Items to Avoid
Avoid bathroom accessories that can look cluttered and messy, such as small perfumes not contained within a decorative tray, a bowl of potpourri, a collection of candles that are never lit, a collection of hand lotions that keeps getting larger, and everyday items in ugly packaging (such as facial tissues without a decorative cover).




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