There are more choices available now more than ever for bathroom countertops. 

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, there are many choices to fit your style. 

Here are a few of the more common bathroom countertop options. 

Different options for bathroom countertops.  Some you may have never known!photo courtesy of Charles&Hudson Marble
Cultured marble countertops are probably the most common bathroom countertop because of the low price and durability.

Cultured marble is made of resin and marble dust.

It comes in many colors and can be formed to most any shape. 

Try to avoid using cultured marble countertops that attempt to look like real marble because it ends up looking cheap and fake. 

Use a simple solid white color instead.

Ciltered marble bathroom countertops often have an integrated sink bowl that makes it easy to clean.

Real Marble
Real marble is a popular higher priced option for bathroom countertops.

It is a natural stone, however it can stain easily so it requires constant sealing.

Marble comes in many colors, usually with veins running through it.

Granite countertops are a beautiful and classic choice for a bathroom.

They are a medium to higher priced option.

There is a large difference in the price of different granites that depends on the prevalence of the granite and how far it has to travel to get to you.

Granite comes in many colors and patterns.  Since it is a natural product, each piece is unique.

Granite is very hard and durable.  It usually comes in 4' x 8' slabs that are cut to fit your application.

The larger the pattern, the more visible the seams.

It requires sealing every 6 months to 2 years.

There has been a scare recently about radiation being emitted from granite countertops, however the effect on people per the amount of radiation emitted seems to be inconclusive.

Solid Surfacing
Solid surfacing is a medium to higher priced option for bathroom countertops.

Many may recognize Corian as a solid surfacing brand name, however solid surfacing is sold by other brands also.

Solid surfacing is durable, non-porous, and stain resistant.

It is colored throughout, so minor cuts and scratches can be buffed away.

There are many patterns and colors to choose from.

Seams are generally inconspicuous since there is a consistent pattern to the material, unlike natural stone.

It is not heat resistant.

Although solid surfacing functions well, it will most likely not stay in style as long as marble or granite because it is man made.

Engineered Quartz
Engineered quartz countertops are not a stone slab, but about 95% ground up quartz and 5% polymer resin.

The combination creates a very hard stone-looking countertop for the bathroom.

You may have heard of the name brands of Avanza, Silestone, Zodia, Cambria, or Ceasar Stone.

Engineered quartz is low maintenance, does not require sealing, and some brands can provide microbial protection.

Similar to solid surfacing, engineered quartz functions well, however it will most likely not stay in style as long as marble or granite because it is man made and trendy.

Concrete is a higher priced bathroom countertop due to the labor involved, however tt can be quite affordable if you do it yourself.

It is heat resistant, comes in a multitude of colors, and can be cast in any shape.

It does require sealing since it is porous.

Solid Glass
Solid glass countertops are a show stopping modern option for bathroom countertops, especially if they are lit from underneath.

Glass comes in different transparencies, patterns, and colors.

Needless to say, it will show fingerprints so it will need to be cleaned constantly and it is very fragile.

Recycled Glass
Recycled glass bathroom countertops are an eco-friendly option, however they are higher priced.

They are made of approximately 85% recycled glass and 15% concrete.

They are comparable to granite in strength.

The glass portion will not stain, but the concrete portion can stain, so it needs to be sealed periodically.

Soapstone was used often on school chemistry tables because it is durable and nonporous.

It resists wear, heat, water, and stains so it is a good option for bathroom countertops.

Soapstone must be treated periodically with mineral oil.

Quartzite is compressed quartz sandstone.  It is extremely strong and durable.

Recycled Paper
Paper countertops are another eco-friendly bathroom countertop option.

The countertops are made by mixing paper and resin.

Some paper countertops are made from old money, which is quite interesting and a conversation starter.


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