If your master bathroom is looking tired and sad, there are some easy updates to give it a minor facelift without blowing the budget on a major remodel. 

Here are a few tips, tricks, and ideas to consider when updating a master bathroom by decorating or minor remodeling.

Easy Updates for a Master Bathroomphoto courtesy of Bill Watson flickr.com/photos/okchomeseller/7050947087/in/set-72157629753608949/Paint
Paint is almost always the most inexpensive improvement to a room that makes the biggest impact. 

Consider painting your walls a calm and serene color. 

Don't forget about painting your ceiling. 

If you have basic boring builder grade white cabinets, paint them a color other than white. 

Popular cabinet colors include gray, black, and navy. 

Add decorative hardware to your cabinets. 

Look at hardware stores as well as craft stores for unique decorative hardware.

If you have a little extra money to spend, upgrade your cultured marble or laminate countertops to real stone. 

If you upgrade your countertops, also upgrade your sink and faucet.

Wall to wall mirrors are cheap and common. 

Carefully remove your mirrors and replace them with a framed mirror above each sink. 

Select the largest mirror that will fit in the space.

Bathroom linens should be replaced every 5 to 10 years (sometimes more often depending on how often they are used). 

Upgrade your linens for ones that are luxurious and oversized.

Many generic homes have an ugly light bar over each master bathroom sink. 

Replace the light bar with a more decorative light fixture, but ensure it still will provide adequate lighting. 

Consider replacing a ceiling light fixture with a chandelier for added drama.

Crown Molding
Adding crown molding to a room instantly makes it feel more custom and special. 

Installing crown molding takes a little skill, but minimal materials.

New accessories can change the look of a room instantly. 

Select a new towel bar, soap dispenser, rug, window coverings, and artwork for your master bathroom. 

Add a live plant or flowers to make the room feel less sterile.



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