Stained kitchen cabinet are very popular, however painted cabinets are starting to become more popular. 

Homeowners of older homes like to paint cabinets because they can give older stained cabinets a fresh look for a minimal amount of money. 

Another reason people like painted cabinets is because stained wood floors in kitchens are very popular and stained wood cabinets with stained wood floors looks like a sea of brown. 

If you are interested in painting your kitchen cabinets, consider the following paint colors.

Paint color options for kitchen cabinetsphoto courtesy of Kitchen Designer and Off White
White is probably the number one color people select when painting kitchen cabinets. 

White cabinets have been around for a very long time, so they will probably stay in style perhaps forever. 

Off white is another option if you desire a slightly warmer look. 

You can also glaze your white cabinets to give them a more custom look.


Turquoise is a fun option for painted kitchen cabinets.

Black and Gray
The second most popular paint color for kitchen cabinets is either black or gray. 

Black and gray are also neutral colors that should not go out of style. 

They tend to have a bit of a more formal look over white, however you need to make sure you have enough light in your kitchen to balance out the darker colors. 

People often distress black cabinets for a more vintage or rustic look.

Muted Green
A popular color used over the past few years for kitchen cabinets is a muted green. 

Muted green is a medium gray color with a touch of green. 

This color is still rather neutral, but not as sterile as gray.

Navy Blue
Another elegant color for painted kitchen cabinets that is also a bit fun is navy blue. 

Navy blue has been popular for many years, however is making a very strong reappearance lately in many aspects of home decorating.

If you want a fun and bright kitchen, consider painting your cabinets a sunny yellow. 

Yellow cabinets are appropriate in a cottage or beach style home.

Bold Color
You can paint your kitchen cabinets most any bold color to create a fun and energetic space.





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