Many people think that a bathroom is too small or unimportant to decorate, but they are wrong!

People often spend a long time in bathrooms, often just staring at the wall, so a bathroom should be well decorated.

Here are a few ideas for how to decorate your bathroom.


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Add Some Color
Decorate your bathroom using designer colors, such as teal, turquoise, magenta, emerald green, champagne, navy, moss green, or aqua.

Consider painting the walls a color other than white. 

A fun bathroom decorating idea is to also paint your ceiling and bathroom vanity.

For more drama, add a colorful wallpaper or paint a mural or pattern.

If you have a cheap builder grade white vanity, paint it a color other than white to make it look more custom.  Only high quality cabinets look good in white.

Avoid Items from the Bathroom Department of Your Favorite Store
To make your bathroom's decor truly unique and interesting, decorate with items that are not made exclusively for a bathroom.

Avoid solid colored bathroom rugs and opt for a decorative patterned rug instead.

Do not use a tacky contour rug around a toilet.

Another decorating idea is to use a fun basket as a trash can instead of one that matches your soap dispenser.

Bring In Nature
Bathrooms tend to feel very sterile with all of the white tile and glossy surfaces.

One decorating idea to make your bathroom feel less sterile is to add in natural elements.

You can decorate your bathroom with some flowers, a plant, or even a stained wood basket or accessories.

If you are handy, you can remove your plain sheet glass mirror (very carefully) and replace it with a decorative mirror.

Opt for a mirror that is very large and has a beveled edge.

Light Fixture
Another idea to decorate your bathroom is with a new light fixture.

Many builders install a very basic light fixture over each sink.

Replace that light fixture with something more interesting that suits your personality and style.

Window Coverings
You can decorate your bathroom by adding window coverings.

Most people have boring white blinds in their windows or leave their glass block windows without window coverings.

You can add bamboo shades, curtains, or both to add color and softness to your bathroom.

Consider using shades that open at the top to allow light in the bathroom while still providing privacy.

Knobs and Pulls
Add knobs to your cabinet doors and pulls to your cabinet drawers when decorating your bathroom.

The knobs and pulls will not only add a bit of interest to your bathroom, but they will also protect your cabinets from abrasion.

Storage Solutions
Since clutter can make even the best decorated bathroom look bad, bring in extra storage solutions to tame clutter .

You can have one decorative container on your countertop to display prettier items like perfume.  Most everything else should be out of sight.

Consider getting one container for all of the items you use every day that is stored in a cabinet.  The container can be removed from the cabinet when needed and easily put back once finished instead of having to put each item back individually.

You can also add additional storage to keep clutter away, such as a cabinet over your toilet.

Also consider making your shower and tub look less messy by getting a wall mounted shampoo dispenser that holds all of your liquids so you don't have miscellaneous ugly bottles of different sizes everywhere.



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