Many bathroom vanities have a section of lower cabinets missing that is supposed to be a knee space for someone to sit at the vanity. 

Not everyone uses the knee space for that purpose.

Here are a few options for how to decorate a bathroom vanity knee space.

Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom Vanity Knee Spacephoto courtesy of Brent Eckley Stool
Since the intended use of the knee space is for sitting, you can decorate the space with a pretty backless stool. 

Even if you do not sit at the vanity, you might use the stool as a step stool or to sit on while bathing the children.

You can even get a stool that has hidden storage inside to add storage to your bathroom.

Avoid stools with a back that would make it difficult to access drawers above the knee space.

Decorative Basket or Box
You can add a basket of towels or other items under your bathroom cabinets in the knee space. 

The basket will add texture to a somewhat sterile environment while hiding whatever is inside.


Laundry Basket
You can put your laundry basket in the vanity knee space to keep it somewhat hidden. 

Try to decorate that space with something other than a basic white plastic laundry hamper.


You can build a few open shelves to hold items in your bathroom knee space. 

You can put towels, pretty lotions, or other decorative items on the shelves.

Extra Cabinets
If you can locate the same cabinets as you currently have, consider filling in the knee space with additional storage cabinets. 

Decorative Trash Can
You can put a pretty trash can in your bathroom vanity knee space.  You might want to get a taller trash can so you cannot easily see inside.


Rolling Cart
You can put a rolling cart under your bathroom countertop.  The cart can hold your everyday items and you can wheel it into the cubby once you are finished getting ready.


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