Most interior design schools claim to be the best, but how do you decide which one is best for you?

Consider the following to find the best interior design school for your situation.

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Check to see if the interior design school is accredited by CIDA.

CIDA stands for the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.

CIDA sets the standards for interior design education to know you are getting a quality education.


Enough to Get Licensed?
Check to see if the interior design school meets the requirements by your state to become licensed.

Each state has its own set of requirements for becoming licensed.

Make sure the interior design program you choose will meet the requirements.


Available Technology
See what type of technology classes are available at the interior design school.

AutoCAD computer drafting class is a very important part of the interior design business and mastery of computer drafting is a requirement for most interior design jobs.

There are regularly new and updated software programs that aid interior designers, so knowing the latest and greatest programs will help when trying to get an interior design job.


Class Size
Research the average class size of the interior design schools you are interested in attending.

You will get more one on one time with instructors if there are fewer students in the courses.


Associates or Bachelors?
Check to see if the interior design school offers a 2 year associates degree or a 4 year bachelors degree.

A 2 year associates degree is not as prestigious as a 4 year bachelors degree.

If you only get a 2 year associates degree, you may have a more difficult time finding a job after graduation and will need to have more work experience prior to taking the NCIDQ licensing exam.


Class Time
Make sure the interior design school offers classes that fit your schedule, especially if you plan on working while going to school.

Do they offer online classes that you can do on your own time at home?

If you want to attend a school in a different location than your home, online courses might be a good option.

Distance learning is becoming more popular every year due to low cost and great convenience.


Financial Aid
Compare the fees that different interior design schools charge and see if they offer financial aid.


How Many Licensed Graduates?
What percentage of graduates become licensed at each interior design school you are interested in attending?

The higher the percentage of licensed graduates from a school means that graduates have been successful and wish to further their career by becoming licensed.


How Many Employed Graduates?
Ask how many graduates are still working in the interior design field 5 years after graduation.

If graduates are not working in the interior design field 5 years after graduation, that means that they probably were unable to find a good paying job in interior design with their level of education.


Starting Salary of Graduates
Check on the starting salary of graduates from that interior design school.

Since interior design graduates just out of school do not normally make a high salary, you need to be prepared for what your salary will be and whether interior design is the career you really want to pursue.

Most interior design graduates will make around $25,000 to $30,000 right out of school.

You can make a higher salary working as a commissioned salesman but you may not meet the qualifications to take the NCIDQ exam.






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