If you have a wall mounted flat screen television, you can make a frame to surround the TV to add character to your room. 

Follow the instructions below to create your own flat screen TV frame.

Tips and Tricks for How to Frame a Flat Screen TVphoto courtesy of nkzs sxc.hu/photo/866127You will need:

Crown molding of your choice

Basic trim molding (dimensions to be determined by your TV's installation and construction option)

Wood glue


Paint or stain

Picture hanging kit


1) Using the crown molding of your choice, create a rectangular picture frame using the dimensions of your television.

The inside dimension of your picture frame should be the outside dimension of your television.

Attach the frame pieces to each other using wood glue and nails.

You have 2 options when creating the crown frame - Option A and Option B. Option A has your crown frame where the inside is farther from the wall than the outside.Option B the outside of the frame farther from the wall than the inside.


2) Measure the dimension that the face of your television sticks out from the wall. Your picture frame needs to be the same dimension on the inside.

For Option A, if the TV sticks out farther than the crown molding, attach basic molding on the back of the crown molding (aligned with the outside edge) so the depth of the inside edge of the frame and the depth of the TV are the same.

If you go with Option B, you will need to create a flat box frame of molding around the outside perimeter of the crown molding frame that allows the depth of the inside of the frame to be the same depth as the face of the TV.

Attach the crown molding frame to the box frame using wood glue and nails.

3) Make sure to allow proper air ventilation in the top and bottom of the frame.

You may want to remove a large section of the basic trim molding and/or drill holes in the frame to make sure the TV doesn't overheat.


4) Paint or stain the frame the color of your choice and use a picture hanging kit to attach it to the wall.

Make sure to check the temperature of your television after it runs for over an hour.  If it gets hotter than usual, you may need to remove more molding or add more holes.



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