There are many different types of garland that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree - popcorn, ornaments on a string, ribbon, tinsel, beaded garland, pine cones, candy, jingle bells, buttons, sea shells, rope, paper chain, wine corks, or whatever you can imagine. 

Many people have no problem decorating a Christmas tree, but they tend to get stuck when having to add the garland. 

Here are a few ideas for how to add garland to a Christmas tree.

Different ways to add garland to a Christmas treephoto courtesy of, kiewic/4226526929/, /jared422/6669270255/, komunews/8224924237/, 34917178@N08/4115804613/, david_shane/5215796670/Barber's Pole
You can add garland around your Christmas tree to look like a barber's pole. 

Simply start at the bottom back of your tree and run the garland around your tree and go up slightly as you go around. 

You can use a thin garland and wrap it around your tree many times or a thicker fabric garland and wrap it around just a few times.


Pinched Barber's Pole
For a pinched barber's pole garland, apply the garland as in the method above, except twist it or pinch it about every 18" to give a more textural appearance. 

Consider adding a decorative element at every pinch of your garland - such as an ornament or bow.


Another method for applying garland to a Christmas tree is to swag the garland. 

Apply it like the barber's pole method above, except let it swag down every foot or so for dramatic effect.


Complex Swag
If you have extra time and decorator skills, feel free to try a complex swag garland. 

Try swagging 2 or more strands of garland together with a decorative element at the tips of each swag.


From the Top
Another way to add garland is to have several strands coming from the top of your Christmas tree to the bottom of the Christmas tree like a Maypole.


Swagged From the Top
Similar to the top method above, you can swag your garland as it comes down your tree by tucking it into your Christmas tree every foot or so.


Twisted From the Top
You can use the top method, but twist the garland as it drapes down your Christmas tree to give it some visual interest.


S Shape From the Top
Use the top method above, but wrap the garland in a snake-like S shape down your Christmas tree.


Diamond Pattern
For those with some serious designer skills, you can use the diamond method for adding garland to a Christmas tree. 

You will need to have several strands of garland coming from the top and attach them to each other every few feet as they come down your Christmas tree.


More Information
For more information, see the video below.


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