Staircases are a great place to decorate for Christmas because they are often a main focal point when entering a home.

Consider the following ideas for decorating your staircase for Christmas.


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One popular way to decorate a staircase for Christmas is to add garland.

You can use either artificial or natural fresh evergreen garland to decorate your staircase for Christmas. 

Either swag the garland or leave it straight along the hand rail.

You can even put the garland at the base of the stair spindles so people don't damage your decorations when using the handrail.

Make sure that the garland is lush and not thin.  If your garland is thin, consider using two strands together. 

You can even use two different types of garland blended together for a more textural and dimensional look.


Add non-blinking white or clear lights to your garland. 

Make sure the lights are evenly spaced. 

The lights and garland should look nice from the top of the stairs as well as below the stairs.


Ribbon or Grapevine Wreath
Weave ribbon, floral mesh, or grapevine wreath in your garland to bring in extra color, thickness, and sparkle. 

Make sure the ribbon, mesh, or grapevine wreath does not overpower the garland.


Incorporate ornaments into your garland using colors found in your Christmas tree. 

You can also add pine cones or other items found in nature. 

Use colors that compliment the rest of your Christmas decorations. 

Don't be afraid to use non-traditional colors, such as pink or turquoise, or non-traditional patterns such as animal print.



Floral Picks
Use floral picks to add color, texture, and sparkle to your garland.

The picks can incorporate crystals, feathers, sequins, metallics, or whatever compliments your other Christmas decor. 

If your garland is looking thin, you can add evergreen florals to plump it up a bit. 

You can also add dried natural florals or greenery.


Special Focal Point at Base of Stairs
Use a big boutique bow, large ornament, intricate floral, large bells, or something special at the base of your stairs to be your focal point. 

Be creative and think outside the box.


Extra Ideas
- Hang ornaments between rails using fishing line.  Make sure ornaments are not too wide.  Tall and skinny ornaments work best.

- If you do not have a fireplace, hang stockings from stair rails.  Even if you do have a fireplace, consider hanging immediate family stockings at the fireplace and add stockings for extended family and close friends on the staircase.

- Hang medium sized wreaths on the outside of the staircase.  Allow 3 stair rails gap between each wreath.

- Display your Christmas cards in your garland or hanging from your stair handrail for all to appreciate when going up or down the stairs.



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