To customize your Christmas decorations this year, consider making your own Christmas tree skirt in the fabric of your choice. 

For this project, you should have basic sewing skills. 

You can sew by hand, but a sewing machine would be very helpful. 

Here are the steps for how to make a Christmas tree skirt.

How to Make Your Own Custom Christmas Tree Skirt

Select Fabric
Select a fabric to compliment your decor. 

Consider the width of your fabric, since this will be the diameter of your Christmas tree skirt. 

45" or 54" wide fabric will work for small or medium sized Christmas trees, but 60" wide fabric is suggested for larger Christmas trees. 

The length of fabric you need will be the same as the width of the fabric (45" wide fabric will require a length of 45" and 60" wide fabric will require a length of 60"). 


How to cut fabric for a Christmas tree skirtFold Fabric
Fold your fabric in half in a triangle shape. 

Ensure that your fabric aligns, else cut your fabric to be a perfect square. 

Find the longest edge of your fabric, then fold the two corners adjacent to that side over on each other to make a smaller triangle. 

The very center of the fabric square should be the top point of your fabric.


Cut the Center Hole
Using a small plate, trace a curve on the top point of your fabric to be the hole where your Christmas tree trunk will be. 

Keep in mind that this curve is 1/4 the size the hole will end up being.  You can make the hole as large or as small as you wish. 


Cut the Curve
To cut the curve around the outside edge of your Christmas tree skirt, create a compass using a binder clip and string. 

Attach the string to the center hole edge using a binder clip. 

Attach the other end of the string to a fabric pen or marker so the length comes just shy of the edge. 

Mark your curve using the pen or marker and cut the fabric along the edge. 

After this step, unfold the fabric and you should have a donut shape.


Cut the Edge
In order to get the Christmas tree skirt around the Christmas tree, you may want to cut one of the edges to allow the skirt to fit around the Christmas tree after the tree is in place. 

This step is optional if you plan on putting the skirt in place while setting up the Christmas tree. 

Simply cut a straight line from the center hole to the outside edge. 

Make sure to only make one cut through one layer of fabric. 

To ensure your line is straight, consider folding your donut shape in half, then ironing a straight edge to follow while cutting.


Finish the Interior Edges
Finish the raw interior edges of your Christmas tree skirt (the center hole and cut edges). 

You can fold the fabric over and sew a quick hem, use a zig zag stitch along the edge, or serge the edge of the fabric.


skirt-sewstripsFinish the Outside Curve
The outside curve is the most prominent part of your Christmas tree skirt.  The fabric body of the Christmas tree skirt will most likely be covered with Christmas presents, but the outside edge will peak out.  To keep the edge from fraying and to give it a professional look, you should finish the outside edge.  You can finish the outside edge with a simple fold over hem, with fancy decorative trim of your choice, or using double fold bias tape quilt binding for a more finished look. 

If you choose to use double fold bias tape quilt binding, start by making that sure you have enough for the entire skirt.  You can measure using a tape measure, lay the binding over the edge of the fabric, or do some math by finding the circumfrence of a circle.  If you do not have enough binding with one package, attach two packages of binding together by putting front sides together, stitching them together about 1/4" from the edge, then pressing (either with your finger or an iron) to make the binding look continuous.  After you ensure that the binding is long enough to go around the entire Christmas tree skirt, fold over one edge of the binding and hem it to have a finished end.

skirt-edgeDouble fold bias tape quilt binding has 4 sections.  The middle 2 sections seem like they are the same length, but one is slightly longer and will eventually fold over to be on the under side of your Christmas tree skirt.  Place the edge of the binding with the smaller center section closest to the front side edge of the fabric and pin the edges together around your entire skirt.  Sew along the crease closest to the edge all the way around the curve.   After that is complete, fold over the binding and pin in in place with the pins on the front of the skirt.  Top stitch the edge of the binding where it meets the fabric to complete the edge all the way around the skirt.  When you get to the end of the binding, fold under a small section and sew it to finish the edge.


If you wish, you may add buttons or ribbons to the cut edge so it will close. 

You can also other embellishments, such as an iron on embroidery letter, jingle bells, lace, or anything else you can dream up.


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