When decorating a Christmas tree, the Christmas tree topper is often the last item to be placed. 

If you are looking for something special to put on top of your Christmas tree, here are a few traditional and unique options for Christmas tree toppers.

Lots of Cool Christmas Tree Topper Optionsphotos courtesy of flickr.com/photos/35535885@N03/5259903726/, 35535885@N03/8262825318/, 35535885@N03/5259149658/, 35535885@N03/5259145692/, 35535885@N03/8261773877/, 35535885@N03/6438843647/, david_shane/5215796670/Traditional Christmas Tree Toppers
Here are some traditional ideas for Christmas tree toppers: a star (2 dimensional or 3 dimensional), an angel, a large fabric bow, a large Christmas ornament, feathers, floral picks, or Santa Clause. 

You can even mix several toppers together, such as a large bow with floral picks and/or feathers.

More Unique Christmas Tree Topper Ideas
Here are some more unique ideas for topping your Christmas tree: a large monogram letter of your last name, a large toy, a bird, a hat (Santa's hat, a top hat, a winter hat, a fur hat, or other), a Star of David (for those who celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas), a crown, a family photograph, a large bell, a favorite animal, a large snowflake, a butterfly, flowers, an inverted metal cone, a piece of paper with a favorite prayer on it, or Flick from the movie A Christmas Story with his tongue stuck to the flag pole.

Also consider making a 3 dimensional tree topper that doesn't touch the tree. 

You can create a unique scene with Santa and his reindeer circling the top of the Christmas tree. 

You can also create a scene with birds or snowflakes circling the tree. 

You can create these scenes by suspending the items from the ceiling using fishing line or have branches stick up from the top of the tree and suspend the items from the branches.

Do You Need a Topper?
If you are going for a more modern looking tree, you may choose to skip the tree topper all together.


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