Many homes do not have an extra room dedicated to a home office, however it seems that most family members need some space for a computer. 

Here are some options for spaces that can be used as home offices.
Tips and Tricks for Home Office Location Options When You Think You Don't Have Roomphoto courtesy of Builders Design Armoire
A computer armoire takes up minimal space when closed, yet it can be a very functional home office when opened. 

Consider getting a pretty chair instead of a traditional office chair that can be used as a desk chair or set beside your computer armoire when not in use. 

When you are done working, all you have to do is close the doors to your armoire just as you would close the doors to your office.


You can put your home office in a walk in closet or a standard depth closet. 

If you have a standard depth closet, use the same advice as above regarding your desk chair.


In a Hallway
If you have a hallway that has a little extra space, you can put your home office there.

Ensure that your desk and chair are small so they don't protrude too far into the hall.


Living Room
Add a desk to the back side of your sofa for a comfortable home office. 

Make sure the desk is appropriate with the decor of the room and that it stays tidy.   Tips and Tricks for Home Office Options When You Think You Don't Have Roomphoto courtesy of sherwoodrealestate

Breakfast or Dining Room
Consider working at your breakfast or dining room table.  You can get a store your office items (papers, files, printer, and laptop) in one of your kitchen cabinets or your china cabinet.

You can also put office furniture in your breakfast or dining room and conceal it when you are finished working. You can use your desk covered in a tablecloth as a serving table or sofa table. Use one of your dining chairs as your desk chair.

If you have a breakfast room and a dining room, are both necessary?  Consider turning one of the rooms into a home office.


Hidden in the Corner
If you have a home office in the corner of one room, you can conceal it with a folding screen when not in use. 

This would work well in a living room, gameroom, or basement.


Under the Stairs
If you have a staircase, you might have unused space under your stairs that is hidden behind a wall.  

You might be able to use that space to create a home office or as storage for your office supplies and equipment.


Unfinished Spaces
If you are willing to renovate your home, you can create a home office in your basement, garage, or attic. 

Depending on your home, this may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Additional Building
You can add a small building or shed to the backyard of your home to be used as a home office.



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