If you dislike the color of your grout or it still looks dirty after being cleaned, you can simply paint it to get a new look in your home. 

Here are some tips and tricks for how to paint grout. 

Tips and Tricks for How to Paint Groutphoto courtesy of Garann flickr.com/photos/iluvrhinestones/5391887450Repair
Make sure your grout and tile is in good condtion. 

Repair any chips or cracks to the grout or tile before painting. 

All repairs must be completely dry and set before continuing.


Grout Paint
Purchase grout paint made especially for grout. 

Grout paint is also called grout collorant and is usually found in the tile section of home improvement stores, not the paint section.

If you cannot find it in store, then look online.

 Grout Refresh - Light Almond - 8oz. Bottle

Other Supplies
Read the instructions on the grout paint to make sure you have all of the supplies needed. 

One of the supplies you will need is a brush to apply the grout paint. 

You can use a bristle brush or a foam brush, but many people find using a toothbrush works very well (however it may flick grout paint around if you are not careful). 

Be aware that you may be kneeling down on hard tile for several hours, so knee pads might be helpful.

Before painting, you must clean the grout very well. 

Use a product made especially for cleaning tile and grout then rinse it off using warm soapy water. 

After the grout is cleaned, it must be throroughly dry. 

You can let it dry for at least 4 hours or use fans to speed the drying time.

When painting your grout, you will probably want to put small amounts of the grout paint in a small shallow dish, perhaps an old plastic food container. 

Apply the grout paint in long strokes. 

Do not let the paint pool on the grout. 

You will probably need 2 coats or more depending on the difference in your old and new grout colors. 

Make sure to let the first coat dry for at least 30 minutes before applying the second coat.

After the grout paint is dry, clean the tiles using the manufacturer's recommendations.






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