Cabinet knobs and pulls are both functional and decorative. 

They are functional because they protect the finish on your cabinets from abrasion caused by your hands opening and closing the doors and drawers. 

They are decorative because they add a bit of color, sparkle, and/or personality to the room.  

Consider adding cabinet pulls and knobs to your kitchen, bathroom, office, garage, and any other room that has cabinets.

how to install cabinet knobs and pullsphoto courtesy of Lady Dragonfly

You can purchase cabinet knobs and pulls from many different places. 

Most hardware stores carry a good selection.

Also look in their furniture department at furniture pulls. 

Consider shopping at an architectural salvage or antique store to get unique knobs and pulls. 

There are also many online sources that sell them.

Once you have your knobs and pulls, follow the steps below for installation.


Decide on Location
Decide where you want your knobs and pulls to be located on your cabinet door or drawer. 

Put some painters tape on the cabinet in that general area.


Measure Twice
Get exact measurements for where you want to drill holes in your cabinet to attach your knobs and pulls. 

Mark where you will drill on the painters tape.


Drill Markings
Drill the holes per your markings. 

Make sure to select the correct drill bit per the size of the screw that came with your knobs and pulls. 

If you are installing a cabinet knob or pull a drawer front with factory built cabinets (not site built cabinets), you may need to remove the drawer front from the cabinet before drilling. 

Remove the painters tape after drilling.


Attach Knobs and Pulls
Insert the knob or pull screw into the hole and attach the cabinet knob or pull. 

If you have removed the drawer front for drilling, you can install it back onto the cabinet after the knob or pull is in place.



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