Everyone wants to feel more safe and secure, especially inside their home. 

Luckily, there are many different types of home security strategies for people to use. 

Eventhough no home security system in perfect, there are many that will keep your home more secure and deter burglars. 

Typically, a combination of several strategies works best.

How to Make a Home More Securephoto courtesy of aussiegall flickr.com/photos/aussiegall/5213687175/Security System
Many people have a security system. 

Many security systems are monitored by a company that will automatically send the police if there is a problem. 

Monitored security systems require you to pay a monthly fee and may require an up front cost for installing equipment in your home. 

Monitored security systems will typically get you a discount on your homeowner's insurance. 

There are also unmonitored security systems that you can install at your home yourself. 

Many are available online or at home improvement stores. 

The most basic security systems simply emit a loud noise if there is a problem, but newer security systems will alert you via text message or a smart phone if there is a problem. 

More advanced security systems, both monitored and unmonitored, come with video cameras and other specialized equipment to help make your home safer.


Security System Sign
Whether you have a security system or not, having a security system sign in your yard is one little step to make your home less enticing to crooks.


Many people have dogs as pets, but they are also great for home security. 

Big dogs can be intimidating to burglars, however little dogs are loud and are also great alarms for intruders.


A well lit home is less attractive to thieves than one that is dimly lit. 

Increase the lighting around your home to increase home security. 

Also consider putting a few interior lights on a random timer to turn off and on at different times to make it appear that someone is home. 

Exterior lights on a motion sensor will also alert you when someone is outside your home, however they can also be triggered by animals roaming your property at night.


Make sure to have proper locks on your exterior doors, including your garage. 

You should have a dead bolt on every exterior door. 

You should also make sure that your doors are securely fastened to your home. 

Many door hinges and lock sets are not installed using long enough screws, making a door easy to kick down. 

You should replace your wimpy screws with 3" long screws in every screw hole. 

If your door has glass or if there is a window within arms reach, do not have a thumb latch for your deadbolt but a keyed lock instead. 

Keep the key to that door hidden nearby, but not inside the lock. 

A robber only needs to break the glass to be able to reach their hand in and unlock the door.


Many people have a firearm for security. 

The most important thing you can do with your firearm is to be properly trained. 

Make sure that everyone in the family has completed at least a basic firearm class and that all firearms are stored properly. 

Ensure that the firearm is locked away from little kids and visitors.


Safe Room
Many larger homes are starting to be built with dedicated safe rooms within the house. 

These rooms are a place where the family can hide in case there is an intruder. 

Safe rooms are often hidden rooms, but they can also be a retrofitted bedroom.  

The room should have a solid door (not a hollow core door that most homes have), a solid door frame, multiple locks, shatterproof glass, a phone, and a firearm.


Trusted neighbors can be extremely useful in home security. 

Inform your neighbors that you trust if you will be out of town, if you are expecting a visitor when you are not home, and any other changes to your usual schedule. 

If your neighbors see a suspicious car or suspicious activity that you have not warned them about, they will probably contact you or the police to inform them about it.


Out of Town Maintenance
If you are going out of town, you should do some home maintenance to make your home look like you are still in town. 

You should not have newspapers piled up in your yard, so ask a neighbor to pick them up for you or call the newspaper company to put a vacation hold on your papers. 

Your grass needs to be mowed also, so consider asking a neighbor or hiring a lawn company to mow your yard while you are away. 

Do not tell the world on social media that you are going away for 2 weeks, and don't post photos on social media of your wonderful vacation while you are gone, but feel free to post photos once you return.


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