The thought of selling your house may make you very nervous. 

You want to sell your house fast and get the most money possible. 

Here are a few improvements to your home that you can do in order to sell your home faster and for more money.

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People will not even get out of their cars to view the inside of your home if it does not look appealing from the outside. 

Make sure your grass is mowed, there are no weeds in your flower beds, hedges are trimmed, gutters are clear, and that all of the kids' toys are picked up. 

Your trash cans need to be out of sight.

Add some colorful flowers to your flowerbeds for interest and charm. 

Pressure wash your house, driveway, and sidewalks to make everything look very clean. 

If your home has siding, you might appreciate the article How to Quickly and Easily Clean Siding without any Special Tools.

You need to not only be concerned with your property, but also your neighbors' properties and the neighborhood as a whole. 

If your neighbors do not keep their lawn mowed, then offer to do it for them until your home sells. 

If there is trash in the community areas of your neighborhood, spend a few hours picking it up. 

If your home needs a new paint job, then tackle that project. 

Consider adding outdoor lighting to emphasize your home, make it appear more safe (especially in the winter when it gets darker sooner), and to show off the for sale sign. 

Install an updated doorbell, a nice welcome mat, and a colorful potted plant on the front porch since potential buyers will spend about 1 minute there while the realtor attempts to unlock the door.


You need to make sure all of the little maintenance projects that you have been putting off are complete before showing your home. 

If little things are left undone, then potential buyers will feel that the home was not cared for and there are probably bigger problems. 

One simple maintenance item that is often overlooked is to ensure that none of your light fixtures have any burnt out light bulbs.  Also try to make sure that light fixtures with multiple bulbs have the exact same bulb in each socket, not different wattages, colors (warm or cool), or shapes.

Also make sure to change your air conditioner filters.


The most cost effective thing that you can do when selling your home is to declutter. 

Clutter causes a house to feel smaller and make it seem like there is not enough storage space. 

Stash boxes of unnecessary items under your bed, in the trunk of your car, in the attic, in a storage unit, and at your parents' house. 

Get rid of smaller pieces of furniture that can also look cluttered and keep only the larger basic pieces. 

Remove many of the kids toys and a lot of your decorative accessories. 

There should be no magnets on your refrigerator since they make a kitchen feel messy.

Don't forget about cleaning out your closets - every single one. 

Consider removing half of your clothes from your master bedroom closet to make it appear bigger. 

After you have finished decluttering, do it again.


Deep Clean
Make your home look like it is brand new.  Steam clean your carpets.  Deep clean your tile grout.  Wash your windows.  Clean your oven

Ensure that there are no odors from cigarette smoke, pets, the bathroom, or any other source.  An air purifier will keep your inside air smelling fresh and reduce the allergens in your home that may negatively affect potential buyers.

You may wish to continually run your air conditioner's fan to distribute air throughout the house so it doesn't feel stale and/or bake some cookies prior to expecting potential buyers to make the home smell nice.


To appeal to the most buyers, remove as many personal items as possible. 

Personal items include family photos, religious items, bold and bright colors, taxidermy, and other items that may not appeal to the masses.


Many people love their pets, but may not love your pet. 

Instead of keeping your pets in a cage or locked in a room while potential buyers are viewing your home, take your pets with you. 

Also remove all clues that a pet lives in the home - such as water bowls, cages, and pet toys.


Light in a room makes it feel more welcoming and larger. 

When expecting a potential buyer, turn on all the lights in your home and open your window blinds and curtains to let the most light into your home.

If you have a bad view outside one of your windows, add sheer curtains in front of the window to let the light in but disguise the view.



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