If you are in the process of selling your home, your realtor may want to have an open house event at your home so it can be viewed by many potential buyers at the same time. 

At the time of your open house, your home should look its best.  Here are some suggestions on how to prepare your home for an open house.

How to Prepare for an Open Housephoto courtesy of Kool Cats Photography flickr.com/photos/katsrcool/14946773074/Repair
If you have any repairs that need to be done to your home, either major or minor, do them before the open house. 

People want to purchase homes that have been well maintained and are move in ready. 

Repairs left undone will greatly reduce your selling price or make potential buyers concerned that the house was not properly maintained. 


Clutter makes a home feel smaller and creates an unsettling feeling. 

Remove all clutter from the house - including your garage, basement, and attic. 

You can rent a storage unit and put your unnecessary items in there or you can stash them in your car during the open house or any other real estate viewing. 

Don't box them up and put them in the garage because it will seem like your house does not have enough storage. 

Remove any extra furniture and unused items on your countertop. 

Clean out your closets and cabinets. 

Remove family photos to make the house feel like it could belong to any family.


Clean your home like you have never cleaned before - both inside and out. 

Start cleaning the inside of your home at the top and go down. 

Dust the ceiling fans and crown molding. 

Clean any marks off the walls. 

Clean out your refrigerator, oven, and microwave.  

Shampoo your carpets. 

Everything should be completely spotless.  

Pressure wash the outside of your home. 

Weed all flower beds. 

Wash all windows. 

Consider hiring a cleaning service to deep clean areas that you may have missed before the open house.


Do not add an overwhelming fragrance to your home. 

Your home should not have a scent (unless you want to make chocolate chip cookies for the open house). 

Use an air purifier to get rid of odors and dust, especially if you have pets since potential buyers may be allergic. 

Turn on your air conditioner's fan to constantly circulate air throughout the house.


Make sure to remove all pets from your home since pets can annoy or scare potential buyers and some people might be allergic. 

They might also assume that your pets have created a mess on the carpet and reduce their asking price by the cost of replacing the carpet.


Make it Memorable
Why should someone buy your house instead of the one down the street? 

Is yours cheaper?  Is it on a larger lot?  Is it more upgraded? 

If a potential client views 10 houses in a weekend, what distinguishing feature will they use when they talk about your house? 

Is yours the one with the awesome view, the beautiful chandelier, the remodeled kitchen, the red front door, the colorful flowers on the front porch, the large oak tree, or the hot tub? 

Know what your competition has to offer and make sure your home is more memorable than the others.


Curb Appeal
Try to get potential buyers excited about your house before they walk through the front door.

Add a little something extra to your home's exterior to make it special.

You can plant some colorful flowers, add a potted plant, display an American flag, or get a new colorful door mat.


Put away all valuables before the open house. 

Most people are not going to take anything from your home, but you shouldn't make anything accessible to them. 

You don't want to tempt a child to pick up a small electronic device or some money on your night stand.




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