Older homes have lots of charm, however they do not always accommodate a modern family very well. 

Here are a few ways to remodel an older home to appeal to more people and increase its value. 

Tips and Tricks for How to Increase an Older Home's Valuephoto courtesy of Bruce Fingerhood flickr.com/photos/springfieldhomer/34988100/Kitchens
The kitchen is the heart of the home, however many older homes have very small and enclosed kitchens. 

Most people like large kitchens that are light, bright, and open. 

You can update a kitchen inexpensively with paint, or you can do a complete remodel. 

If remodeling, try to open up the kitchen by removing a wall or a portion of a wall. 

Make sure the kitchen finishes and appliances are up to date to increase your home's value.  


Older homes tend to have smaller bathrooms and there are usually very few of them. 

Many home buyers require a master bath adjacent to the master bedroom, at least a 1/2 bath on every level of their home, and a large tub and a shower in the master bathroom. 

Update and enlarge your bathrooms to make your home more valuable.

If you have a basement, consider finishing it out to make your home larger. 

A finished basement adds a lot of extra living space to a home that will make your home worth more than a home without a finished basement.


Many older homes have very small closets and very few closets. 

Home buyers today require many closets that are large to accommodate all of their belongings.

If your closets are small, consider adding storage systems to maximize the storage potential of your closets, mud room, garage, and pantry. 

If you have many bedrooms, you can convert a portion of one to a closet and perhaps the other portion to a larger master bathroom.

Many older homes have hardwood floors hidden under carpet. 

Hardwood floors are considered more valuable than carpet, so check to see if hardwood floors may be hidden in your home. 

If your wood floors are in fair condition, they can be refinished which will boost your home's worth.


Central Heating and Air Conditioning
Central heating and air conditioning is a modern convenience that most home buyers require in a new home.

Window units are inconvenient and not as attractive. 

Consider getting central heating and air conditioning to make your home more desirable.


Unwanted period specific details
Many period specific details of a home make it charming, however there are some that most people find unattractive, such as popcorn ceilings. 

Remove any unwanted era specific details in order to increase your home's value.





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