Whether you work at home or a shared office, you can decorate your office desk for Halloween to add some fun to your work week (as long as your boss allows). 

Here are a few ideas for how to decorate your desk for Halloween.

Tips and Tricks for How to Decorate Your Desk for Halloweenphoto courtesy of infusionsoft flickr.com/photos/infusionsoft/4058264167/Theme
Will you have a Halloween theme to your office desk Halloween decorations? 

Perhaps your theme will be black cats, spooky eyes, funny tombstones, spooky Halloween, gross Halloween, bugs, vintage medical, police investigation with caution tape, fall festival, pumpkin party, or candy fun. 

A haunted house theme is fun with taxidermy crows, cob webs, and other spootacular items.

Having a Halloween theme to your office decorations is optional.

Color Scheme
A traditional decorating color scheme for Halloween is orange and black. 

Consider using a more non-traditional color scheme such as purple and orange.


The best part of Halloween is the candy. 

You will most likely have the most popular desk in the whole office if you give out candy.

Tips and Tricks for How to Decorate Your Desk for Halloweenphoto courtesy of Dov Harrington flickr.com/photos/idovermani/8052254513/Pumpkins
You can decorate pumpkins relating to your job description. 

For extra brownie points, carve a pumpkin with the company logo or name.

You can also use your company's products or other everyday items specific to your workplace to decorate your pumpkins.


Avoid Sound Effects
Avoid sound effects when decorating your office for Halloween. 

Many people use the phone and spooky sounds are unprofessional.


Avoid Things That Scare
Items that jump out at people and scare them are not work appropriate. 

You don't want your unsuspecting coworker to have a heart attack.


Don't Interfere With Work
If you do decide to decorate your office desk for Halloween, make sure it does not interfere with work. 

Decorate during your lunch hour or after hours. 

Don't have the Halloween decorations get in the way of your ability to work.  

Remember that whatever you put up must eventually be taken down.


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